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2007 mkz lock actuator question

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Hey everyone. Had something a little strange happen… I have had a massive failure of window regulators and door lock actuators all within a few weeks of each other. My mkz is a 2007 but only has about 60,000 miles on it. It’s strange to me all my regulators except One and all my lock actuators except one (different Doors for the lock and regulators still working). This is not my question but if anyone has any insight as to what may have caused it, I’m all ears.


 My main purpose for this post is about the difference in anti theft vs non anti theft lock actuators as well as alternative brands (like off Amazon or something) my car does have anti theft and I live in New Orleans so it’s probably a pretty good thing to have. It is an extra 60 dollars though and I need 3 at once…. What is the actual difference in them? Also, has anyone had success with using a cheaper brand? I know they are one of the most used components on a car, therefore probably not a good item to cheap out on - but inflation has got me feeling poor… 

I appreciate any advice or answers, thanks everyone.

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