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Getting the Power to the Rear

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My chief complaint about the AWD system in the MKZ, as I have stated elsewhere,  is that it doesn't route power to the rear wheels fast enough,  leaving the car to behave too much like the front driver it is based on.   


We had some light snow tonight, and with the new Hankooks, I felt obliged to try and have a little fun.  Most of the time,  when I try to have fun,  the front wheel drive bias quickly spoils it.  But tonight I actually got it to kick the tail out in a rear drive power slide. 


That was unexpected and quite fun.  I held it as long as I had room to. Not quite sure what I did to get the system to send so much power to the rear like that,  but I hope with practice I can get it to do it again and again.  Rear wheel power slides are what make winter diving fun,  after all!

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