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‘14 MKZ Hybrid Transmission issue

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MKZ Hybrid Transmission leak (at 101k miles). Thought it was oil leak but confirmed coming from transmission.
Car runs fine, no gear issues or high rpms. However, it will start whining noise when idle.

leak continues- (I know it fluid must be filled by authorized dealer).
Questions: want to resolve issue the lowest cost way…could I have the tranny re-sealed (gasket) and re-fill tranny fluid? Or is this a more substantial issue requiring repair or total replacement?  I appreciate any feedback!

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Welcome to the MKZ forum.  Your question is being moved to an appropriate section of the forum.  The Forum Help & Suggestions section is intended for questions and comments about the operation of the site itself.  Questions and comments about the MKZ should be posted in the most appropriate sub-forum.  In this case, that would the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Owners section. 

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Not sure if it was you... but replacement of the gasket after 6 years would be the thing to look at.... if it's still loosing fluid, best to take it to a repair shop, like AAMCO or something or even the dealer.... could be something else....

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