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I haven’t had my 2012 MKZ AWD long but it’s been running like a top!  Went on a 2hr trip that did have some grades and out of nowhere I had power issues, seemed like trans was slipping and then the car totally died.  At first it didn’t want to restart, but did eventually.  Got about 100ft and bucking again and died.  Left it off and it did a little better on restart. The third time the check engine light came on and then it ran pretty good.


P1719-FF, P0171-FF, P0174-FF, and P0171-C. = lean conditions and torque signal. I think the torque was because the engine was dying and I was trying to get it moving. 
I got home with the light on.  I cleared codes and no malfunction but I’m getting a consistent code P-1000 on-board readiness (no engine light). 
Guessing PCM but open to thoughts!

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