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Rear Differential Fluid

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Hi all - 2017 Lincoln MKZ 3.0 here. Looking for some advice on Rear Differential fluid changeout. There's nothing in maintenance intervals on when this is done yet it has a drain plug. Any recommendation how often this should be done? 


I also bought the car used and am unsure if I have the  Driver's Package which has the  torque vectoring unit differential. The fluid for this is different than the regular unit. Anybody have any idea how to know if I have that package or not? 


Thanks for all the help!

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14 hours ago, Molinski44 said:



Hi Molinski. Please do not double post questions. 


It is much easier for other members to offer assistance if all questions and information is contained in one thread. Therefore, this thread will be locked the discussion can continue in your other one.


Good luck.

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