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HID to LED conversion

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Yesterday, I received my LED headlights for my MKZ. I've been trying to get info about it but none exist. I've already checked my wiring diagram which covers both the 2017 Fusion & MKZ but it only lists Halogen, Ford China, Ford NA LED and Lincoln LED. No mention of Xenon at all but it seems that the Lincoln LED shares the exact same wiring as the HID. I contacted one company but they are saying that that I need to purchase modified headlights but I don't buy it, the other company that sells the harness do not replay.  I went on ebay and found the VIN of a car that has OEM LED, then found the AsBuilt for that VIN. I've already found the BCM settings that differ from mine.

Using the F150 AsBuilt guide online and diffchecker.com I spotted only a few difference between my BCM and the Black Label I got the VIN from. Besides Vin differences and Placard for tire pressure the others are as followed.

(My HID car) -----> (ebay LED car) last two digits are checksum and FORScan will automatically correct them. 

726-26-02 xxxx xxx1 xx57 ----->   xxxx xxx0 xx56

Frequency Select Cfg: 0=Type 0 (LED), 1=Type 1 (Halogen), 2=Type 2, 3=Type 3 


726-29-01 xxxx xxxx x158 -----> xxxx xxxx x057

Vrms Target Sel Cfg: 0=Type 0, 1=Type 1, 2=Type 2, 3=Type 3 


726-46-01 xxx1 xxxx xx77 -----> xxx0 xxxx xx76

High Beam Open DTC Cfg: 0=unused, 1=used


726-46-02 x0xx xxxx xx76 -----> x1xx xxxx xx77

Low Beam Open DTC Cfg: 0=unused, 1=used change from 0 to 1

I haven't programmed anything yet but a quick test shows that it is working. High beams, DRL and signal all work. I spot a very light flicker but I'm certain that the correct AsBuilt settings will remedy it. 

headlight test run.jpg

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