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Peeling Clearcoat

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Hello!  First time poster here.....I have a 2010 MKZ,  and the clearcoat on it is peeling like a bad sunburn!  I also have a bit of rust on the rear drivers side near the back tire.  I have taken really good care of it, having it detailed twice a year up until about a year ago when the clearcoat began peeling at such an accelerated rate that it seemed pointless to have it waxed.  Has anyone else had this problem??  Thanks!

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That seems to be about the time that most cars (most with Clearcoat) start having that issue.


I never had the issue, but know of others that have.


From what I've read the typical fix is to spend the $$$ to have it re-done.... OR live with it.


The ingredients used then were not 'up to par' and do the peeling.


Personal opinion or what I've read... you issues may vary.

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