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Recall fixed overseas

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So I'm military stationed in Germany. I received a recall letter in the mail. I called Lincoln, who sent me to Ford on what to do to get it taken care of. But after calling twice, I've been left with no help. The first call, I was just given the number to Ford Germany, which was all in German and un navigable since my German is lackluster at best. So I called again and was given a number that was supposed to be Ford's military overseas number. I called the number and was informed that they were not Ford related at all, just a dealer that sells to military overseas, and since I didn't buy my vehicle through them, they can't do anything for me. Does anyone know what else I could do? Thanks

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I'd call Lincoln again and tell them you struck out (or try the dealer you purchased the car from - make it their problem).

I assume this is the PCU recall for the catalytic convertor? (mine is out in the car).

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