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Fuel filter question

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On 5/18/2020 at 12:09 AM, Jon604 said:


  As always, you are a wealth of knowledge. Wow you can rent a service manual??.. I didnt know that.  I wonder if someone copied it and have a free one floating around. 

I might not even have the tools to do the fuel filter service so after all that for something you will do every 3 years is a bit much. 


It'll be nothing more than basic tools for the most part, things you could find at a hardware store once you verify the steps. It's a 1 hour service book job (the rate you'll be charged at, even if done faster than an hour), but of course service hour rates are higher than ever.

I had some 2017+ MKZ workshop pages saved but they're not with me and I only took what I used for the times when I was diving into mods, and to do all the engine fluid changes and other services that are DIY friendly. I do not have the fuel filter procedure though as I didn't notice it existed back then, and my old MKZ stuff is on a hard drive I cannot access at this time.

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I had a similar filter on my 2003 Sable that I replaced every 30K miles.  Sold the car a long time ago but replacing it was easy.  From memory: remove fuel pump fuse, start car, car will run for a few seconds and stall.  Now you've relieved pressure in the fuel line.  Gain access to the filter, and on each side of the filter there is a rubber hose connected via a U-style plastic clamp.  I used a very small slotted screwdriver to open the legs of the clamp while prying it up.  You don't remove the clamp, you just move it up to its next stop, about 4-5mm.  Then the hoses will slip off.  You may need to spin the filter a bit to loosen it from the rubber hoses.  Install new filter with the arrow pointing towards the engine, push the clamps back down and you're done.  Replace fuel pump fuse, turn ignition to run position and then off again a few times to allow the fuel pump to fill the filter and restore pressure (you should hear the pump priming each time you turn the key to run), then crank the engine and it'll fire up.  Check for leaks and replace any trim/cover that you removed to gain access.


Do this outside or with the garage door open as there will be gas in the filter.  Have a catch can and rags at the ready.


Ask me about how much fun it is to replace the fuel pump on your driveway!  That happened on the Sable just shy of 90K miles.  Learned my lesson, don't run your car with less than 1/8 or preferably 1/4 of a tank of gas as the pump sits in the fuel to cool itself.  And I can only imagine how an overheated pump (due to a low fuel level) must like cold gas poured all over it when refueling, that fast expansion can't be doing it any good.  I never ran out of gas but would often run to E and fill up along the highway.  I think that shortened its life.

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