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Any Aftermarket MKZ Taillight MODS?

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Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone knows of any after market tail light modifications for 2013+ MKZ Tail light bar. It's a 6 year old design now and it's getting dated. I was hoping to swap out my tail light for a similar fresh design. 







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Hi Takeshi.  There are no aftermarket taillight units that I know of (If I'm incorrect, someone will correct me).  Some members have "smoked" or tinted them.

Considering the number of MKZ's produced and sold, along with the fact the MKZ will be dropped or redesigned/replaced in a few years, it is doubtful an aftermarket company would now expend the design and engineering costs necessary to produce quality replacement taillight units. They just could not sell enough to make money.

Good luck.

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