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Conversion possible??

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I have a 2007 MKZ that has a tranny on the way out...pretty much toasted.... can I put a FWD tranny in the car in place of the AWD one??  The replacement cost difference is sizeable if I can. All help is appreciated....



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The difference in transmissions like that is typically the output shaft and tail housing, which are interchangeable. In this drivetrain layout, I doubt it's that simple though. You should not want to do away with the rear drive.

But someone should be able to tell you if that FWD trans can be used to rebuild your AWD trans. The big issue is the damage caused by driving any automatic after it malfunctions. People all seem to keep driving until the car won't go any longer. That extra distance driven after the first symptom, is why most rebuilt transmissions don't last as long. The worst damage is not from the initial problem/cause, it's from the excess heat and contamination by driving it with a symptom. When ever an automatic car stops shifting properly, stop driving it immediately, get it to a safe place very quickly, and fix it then.

If the old trans is actually burned up inside in any way, using parts from a different trans is wise. The valve body and all the tiny components inside are fragile, any debris in the fluid creates excessive wear of those parts, which is not visible to most rebuilders. They just clean out the material, and put it back together, hoping there's no damage to the small parts. If it shifts "okay" when they test drive it, they consider that a successful rebuild.

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