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Jasen Hibberd

Insanely loud, sudden rattle coming from OBD2 bracket

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I have a 2012 MKZ - I am at a loss for what to do here - a brand new rattle has suddenly appeared underneath the dash and it seems like its the bracket that holds the OBD2 port in place - if I reach down while I'm driving and just hold the bracket, the rattle stops. It sounds like a metal on metal noise. I crept under there and took a look, everything seems to be tight. Holding the OBD2 port does not seem to help the rattle, only holding the bracket does... Rattle seems to almost disappear once the car is warmed up on the inside (heat blasting at the footwell area), and is especially bad when its cold. Any ideas?


Speaking of rattles - anybody else have an issue where the rear view mirror rattles? I think thats just normal because I've already replaced the mirror and the new one has the same issue.

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What's the mileage on your car?  The OBDII port is a covered component under the 8/80 emissions warranty.  IDK if your particular defect would be covered but if the port isn't working, it would be repaired under the warranty.  It might be worth consulting a dealer.

WRT the mirror, are you talking about the inside or outside RV mirror?  In either case, there were no rattles in both my 2010 and 2012 MKZs.  It's not normal.


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I just rolled over 77,000 miles - so still pretty low mileage for this thing to start sounding like a rattle house. The drivers side door even creaks when you accelerate and decelerate (but I've found I can make that stop for a couple months by wrapping the door latch in electrical tape)!


I may just have to consult my dealer about that OBD2 bracket then because the rattle is so loud that you can hear it over the stereo at more than half volume... 


And as for the mirror, I mean the inside rear view mirror. It appears that it's not the mount that is rattling, it's the glass inside the actual rear view mirror that is rattling in the housing - holding the inside rear view mirror with my hand will stop the rattle. I replaced it and the problem went away for a couple months but then it came back, so I assumed it could potentially be a known issue with that particular auto dimming mirror. 

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