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Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

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On 10/20/2018 at 10:20 AM, Smokestone10 said:

Forgot about this one. It's based on the same '65 kit, just an earlier issue. Going off the idea that the Continental and T-Bird were related, and the fact that AMT makes a nice '62 T-Bird, I spliced the two to create a "what if" Continental Sports Roadster. The one I just bought might end up a little closer to stock than the two you've seen. 

21284997746_d31d12009d_z.jpg1965 Lincoln Continental Sport Roadster by Chuck Most, on Flickr

Love this colour!

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The junky blue '62 has been reborn as a period-style custom, and I also recently wrapped up a crusty '41 Connie lead-sled 


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