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Thinking About a Lease Swap

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Hi All - As much as I love my 2017 MKZ, I guess I am fickle as upon seeing the new 2019 Ford Edge ST that is about to arrive at dealerships, I have begun to think about exiting my lease early if I find someone to take it over.  Below are the specs:

2017 3.0T AWD Reserve, Diamond Black Metallic, Technology Package, Luxury Package, Driver's Package, Climate Package, Cargo Net.  This is a 36 month lease that ends 5/8/20 with an annual mileage allowance of 10,500 miles per year.  I am right at the midway of the lease with 8,804 miles so this car is seriously under its mileage allowance.  The vehicle is in EXCELLENT condition and the only blemish is a very small amount of curb rash on one of the wheels.

The MSRP was $57,395 and the current payment inclusive of Connecticut sales and property tax is $642.21 per month.  The residual value is $32,141.  Please contact me if interested.










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I might seriously consider it. I'll send you an PM later discussing things.

All your vehicle lacks is the black label but it was pretty much the same as mine. I'll then see if I can off my Focus lease.

Interested in the Ford Edge ST for more space along with its various performance improvements? Sure it loses some power but the transmission might make up for it (definitely test drive that 8 speed first)!

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It’s funny because you were in the back of my mind when I submitted my post. Yes, this car has almost everything except being black label and does not have a sunroof. I specifically ordered without the sunroof because I don’t tend to use them and wanted less weight up top. 

I really like the styling of the Edge ST and the additional room will come in handy with our two kids as they get older. I will be going down from 400 hp stock to 335, but hopefully a tune will remedy some of the lost power. 

You are right about test driving first as I don’t want to find the extra two gears bring about a lot of gear hunting and rough shifts. 

Let’s definitely discuss the swap more. I can send you any additional photos that you need and provide copies of all documents. 

Many thanks. 

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