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Interior Door Handle misalignment

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OK... I searched the forum and didn't find anyone else with this... issue? I don't want to call it a problem because the lock and handle work just fine, it's more something that just annoys me a tad.

Here's what I mean...


This is with the door close and unlocked. You can see that the lock button is angled outward like it would be, but the handle itself is angled inward, instead of being flush with the edge of the plastic bezel. 


And here we are locked, with the door closed. The lock switch is about where it should be but no change in the position of the handle. 

I'm guessing I'm dealing with a loose or worn internal linkage. Or could it be a problem with the handle assembly itself? There is a very slight bind with the plastic bezel when using the handle, just about at the very end of it's travel. Has anyone else had this happen? Like I said... I wouldn't even call this a problem per se, just something that's going to bother me every time I see it. 🙂

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Update- this may or may not be due to some "done-to-a-price-point-rather-than-to-a-standard-of-quality" collision repair from earlier on in the car's life. I know the door was retouched at some point, and the quarter panel was repaired. I showed it to a tech at the Lincoln dealer today when I went in to see about the taillight warranty and he said he's never seen one like this. A few worn linkages that might poke outward a bit, but not inward. Might be another job for a pro... I've never been able to re-install an inner door panel without having the thing loose and rattly. 🙂

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