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Looks like new motor for me

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My 2017 MKZ 3.0T threw a check engine light the other day so today the dealer looked at it and the work order said the following. Cust says ck engine light on check and advise... Pinpoint test, P0304, P0316. Check TSB, Remove plugs and check for oil contamination. No signs of oil consumption as oil was just changed. Recommend drive for another 3,000 miles and check oil level. Perform high side fuel injector test. Idle ok, compression test shows 7% loss on cyl 4 and 3% loss on cyl 1 & 3.

Service advisor says my car falls in the build date of the bad head issue. We would rather replace the entire engine for you and I said yes me too esp if it is down on compression and only going to get worse. Unfortunately we can't do anything yet we need some more evidence of oil consumption and oil contamination to present to Ford. By the way the car has aprox 12,000 miles.

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