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2007 front lower control arms

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So my wife and I are driving the MKZ cross country this week. It desperately needs ball joints first so I bought all new front control arm assemblies, both forward and rearward. Sadly when I got to swapping the parts it became apparent I had the wrong ones. All the parts were identical except for the spindle on the ball joint. My old parts have a 1 1/4 spindle and the new parts only 3/4. Turns out there are different forward control arms depending on the manufacturing month of the vechicle in this year, thankfully the parts store has them in stock and they are waiting for me to determine whether they are the right ones or not but I am confident they will solve the first problem I have. Less luck with finding the correct rearward arms, none of the local stores have a second listing and I can not find any information on design changes to them mid year. I cannot call to inquire at the dealership until tomorrow monrning, we have to leave in 4 days so I'm on crunch time and I need some help and I need to find these parts! Any info could help, Thanks everyone!

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This seems to indicate 09/03/06 as a  build date of change.

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