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2014 - 100,000 Mile Report (3.7L FWD)

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I purchased my 2014 3.7L FWD in June of 2016, it had 15k on it.
Last week, I hit the 100k mark. 
I typically drive 55k or so annually, for work but 2017 was a softer year. 
So far, here are my observations and experiences
- 2 Trips to the dealer
 - the drivers side axle seal was leaking, it took a 2nd time to get it right (just a mist), now tight
 - the trunk lid wasn't opening/closing correctly
- I'm averaging 26.3 mpg over the life of the vehicle and I'm pleased with that result.
- I do oil/filter changes every 10k, with Penzoil Platinum Pure Synthethic and PureOne filters..   I had Blackstone do an analysis at the 50k mark, and they suggested even longer change intervals.  I do it myself, so I'll stick with 10k.  I have to add 1/2 a quart in 10k, usually around the 6k mark
- I'm on my 3rd set of tires and I'm a bit more careful to rotate every 5k.  The factory Michelins were toast at 25k, a replacement set of Kuhmo's only went 50k.  The car has a now has a pedestrian set of General's, which are doing OK and performed well in snow and rain.
- no electronic issues in the cabin.
- the leather is holding up OK, but not as well as the leather in my Nissan Altima SL it replaced (the LIncoln leather is more comfortable/supple, so that makes sense). 
- I still can't see when parking it!  (wish the 2014 has those front camera/sensors)

- The paint and wheels are holding up well, I wax it about 3-4 x's a year, usually with Mothers Cleaner/wax or Meguiars (too lazy to polish, wax these days...)





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26.3 mpg!!!! How in the world do you do that. I'm lucky to get 15 around town and 22 on highway. Totally in awe of your driving technique.

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I should have also added that all brake pads look 3/8" or so thick, like new. Typically, in previous cars, I've needed new front pads at 80-90k, so this is new territory. They could go at least 120k, from a visual (I'll mic them on the next tire rotation.

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