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Hot Rod Lincoln

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Here are a couple pictures of the audio setup, I wanted to keep it as simple and compact as I could.


The sound is nothing short of amazing, Soundstream equipment is some really good stuff, they make quality products for the money.

I have been using their amps for quiet a few years. You get the rated power out of their amps. attached is an amp dyno test done on the amp that I purchased.

This amp hits hard and draws very little power. Class "D" amps are your best bet for driving subs because of their low power consumption.

I would bet that my single 10 and only 650 watts hits as hard, if not harder than your 2600 watt amp and two 12's.

In theory you should drive your sub between 100% to 150% of its rated power to make it work the way it should.

The Kicker CVR10 that I have is a competition dual voice coil speaker, I am running it at 2 ohm load to extract the power from the amp, and it rocks.



I also loaded the LMS tune today, and it definitely is up on power, and my MPG have jumped up a little to between 27 and 30 around town. It was hanging around 24 and 25 before. Shifts are a little firmer and much quicker to go through the gears, turbo lag is next to nothing now. this is on the 87 octane tune. More to come as I load the other tunes and do a comparison.

Looks very nice and clean Dino enjoy it.

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