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Snow 1 Body Undertray 0

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Tuesday evening, I drove 280 miles home from NY, thru a snowstorm. The car (with new tires) did well, but when I the next day, I noticed that the undertray, beneath the drivers seat was hanging down and packed with snow/ice.

I melted the snow/ice and found that I was missing six of the fasteners, with no other apparent damage.

I guess snow started working it's way underneath and forced off the fasteners.  Previous to this no fasteners were missing as I had just rotated the tires a week previous and been underneath.


I had a hard time finding these fasteners.  Three of my local dealers didn't have any in stock.


A PA dealer near where I worked said he could have some the next day. These babies were $2.50 each. 


A 15/16" socket removes/installs them. (or corresponding metric).







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