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Rattling, possibly coming from within the door.

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Hello all.


I wanted to post a question regarding the aforementioned topic to members of the forum in attempts to simply discover if any may have experienced similar issues and a possible solution.


To further elaborate,  I had initially thought the rattling noise I was experiencing from within the interior of my 2017 Lincoln mkZ  was coming from within the drivers side front door. I actually found the rattling sound was more prevalent while driving at highway speeds rather than around town.


As result I have since taken the car back to dealer when it was due for its first oil change whereby I mentioned my concerns to the service advisor, along with a request to speak with a tech from the body shop.

I had felt the folks over in the body shop may be a bit more familiar with such complaints, as well as any such solutions.

The front door panel was ultimately removed by a tech and although further inspection of the inner door didn't exactly produce any earth shattering results, the tech felt there may be a rattle coming from a cable associated with the power window.  His suspicion was that the electric window cable was flapping against the inner portions of the metal door frame created by air passing between the inner door and its metal frame,

Additional pieces of foam padding were wedged between the two, (Cabling & door panel frame).

Although this was an honest effort to rectify my concern, the rattle noise continues.


In an attempt to further determine an isolate a possible cause, I've been placing tape over various areas of the door, incl. the door hinge arm assemblies plastic dust covers which I felt may be the culprit, but no such luck, nor have I yet been able to locate the source. Ha!

I must admit attempting to specifically pin point this annoyance has been most frustrating due to the location where it appears to be originating.   : )


What I have determined however, is that it is not coming from the radio speaker. lol


I hope this is an isolated occurrence, and that others have not experienced such annoyances with there new Lincoln mkZ.


Happy Holidays!

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