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Mid range speakers inside back seat doors

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I recently purchased a 2017 MKZ with the Ultima system and so far, I've brought the car in because of excessive vibration/rattling in the doors.  I purchased an app for my phone that will play all the Hz's of bass and treble so I could trouble shoot what exactly is going on and not have to wait for that certain part of the song that makes the noise.  Upon further inspection, I noticed the rear door lowest speakers (there are three) on both sides aren't emitting any sound.  They should be just as loud as the front door speakers am I correct?  The fader is in the middle position too.  Could someone with this same system check theirs just so I know what is correct?



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Post moved to appropriate forum by moderator from Lounge.  The Lounge is intended for off-topic discussions.  Per the header there:



This forum is not for technical and modification discussion.  

If you need to post a mod & tech question, please post in the appropriate section.

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