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2015 MKZ noise coming from dash at stop (just brought)

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Hey everyone I am new to this forum. I recently brought a 2015 mkz on November 18 2017. It has 7900 miles on it currently as to the date of this posting.


My issue is when I have the car at a complete stop and it's in drive I hear a vibrating noise from the front of the dash or back of the engine. When I change to neutral it goes away. What do you think it could be?


I took it to the dealership and they said everything is fine. But you would figure while in the cabin of the car you would enjoy a quiet ride and not hear that noise.


I also brought the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty and I feel like they're blowing me off. Please help me guys

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Post moved by moderator from Forum Help & Suggestions.  That forum is only for questions regarding use of the site itself, not technical questions.  Per the header posted at the top of the page:


STOP - this forum is NOT for Lincoln MKZ Technical discussion.  

Please post tech discussion in the appropriate section(s).


WRT your question, it's extremely difficult to diagnose random noises over the Internet.  We can't hear it and can only guess at best.  That aside, you haven't indicated which MKZ you have; 2.0, 3.7, Hybrid?  Did you test drive this car before you bought it?  Was the noise present then?  What is the history of this car.  Did you ask to look at the service history in Ford OASIS? 


If the dealer insists it's normal, ask them to let you test another, similar car.  I've driven plenty of MKZs and have never heard what you are describing.  If you get no satisfaction, speak to the Service Manager and express your dissatisfaction.  You can also call the Lincoln Concierge and open a case. 

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