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2017 (and 2018) "base" wheels

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I LOVE looking at my 2017 MKZ and just wanted to give "kudos" to Lincoln for making such attractive standard wheels.

As I've explained before, I wanted the 18-inch wheels to avoid the pothole vulnerability of the low-profile 19-inch tires. 

With so many other makes of cars, the "base" model wheels are very unappealing - they appear small, not much to look at style-wise, and often painted a dull silver. Case in point - my previous car, a 2014 Cadillac CTS with standard (17-inch) wheels. I have a friend with a 5-series BMW with the base wheels and they do absolutely nothing for the car either.

With the MKZ, the 18-inch wheels look well sized for the size of the car, have a bright machined-finish, dark premium-painted pockets in the current fashion, and have a very nice looking multi-spoked design. 

I don't think my car looks as if I "cheaped out" by going with the standard wheels, and I think Lincoln deserves credit for doing that!

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Totally agree. I like those as well.

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