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Sync 3 v2.2 Bluetooth audio keeps disconnecting?

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Hi all,


Happy to say that i just bought my 2017 MKZ Reserve a couple weeks ago and IM LOVING IT!  :yahoo:


But...im having an issue with the bluetooth. What happens is the following:


1. I turn on my phone's bt, connect to Lincoln MKZ, tap "done"

2. I go to audio in Sync 3, tap on sources, tap on my phone, start playing music

3. About 30 seconds into the song, i get disconnected from bluetooth (music stops and goes to the default radio station)

4. I tap on sources, tap on my phone, and it never connects (stays stuck in the connecting dialogue box)

5. I have to turn off bluetooth (either on my phone or sync 3) and then turn it back on to reconnect 

6. No disconnects the rest of the drive


So basically, it disconnects 30 seconds into my music playing, and i have to reconnect it in order for it to work the whole time. It happens every time i turn my car on also, so it's not just a one time or once in a while issue.


Anyone else experience this? Any solutions?



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How did you get 2.2?

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