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Resetting front bumper sensor

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On my 2014 MKZ w/Tech Pkg, one of the sensors in the front bumper has popped out. I'm guessing a stone hit it. This has resulted in the #%#@$ Front Parking Assist tone to go off repeatedly and I'm guessing why no matter how times I use the steering wheel control to turn it off it stays on. So...

1) If the top radiator is removed can the sensor be reached?

2) How does one pop out the ribbed plastic hold-downs without destroying them? Or are they throw aways and I need to go to a parts store to get replacements?

3) If the sensor is not the cause of the continual tone, is there a reset function?

4) Can it even be fixed by a DIYer or is it a trip to garage?


Thank you.

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Unfortunately the plastic hold down comes with the sensor unit, so you aren't likely to find that piece separated from the sensor itself. It is either buy a new sensor unit or find one in a salvage yard.


You can definitely DIY, but it will require removing the front bumper of the vehicle. The energy stabilizer bracket will be blocking it otherwise, and requires the front end to come off to reach the sensors for removal.


I've taken the front bumper off both my 2014 Fusion and 2017 MKZ, and its just a lot of bolts and easier to do with the front wheels removed.


Be mindful of all the wire connections as well as you do not want to rip anything. So take your time and allow a whole day project as its one of those things you need to learn before you become quick to do it.


I only have the front bumper removal for the 2017 MKZ via workshop manual, but you can "rent" for 3 days the workshop manual from https://www.motorcraftservice.com/after making an account.


It is only $21 dollars which is more than enough time to make copies of any assembly and disassembly steps you may desire.

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So much for shade tree mechanics anymore.

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