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Staining on the Headliner!

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Just as POI, as it relates to the recent purchase of my Brand New Lincoln MKZ, and a tid bit of information I've recently learned.


I've recently found what appeared to be a grease stain left by someone on the interior headliner of my car. However, I also found that I was unable to remove the soiled mark.  Further inspection revealed additional patches of staining, six in all at different areas along the front portion of the headliner. When I mentioned this to the service manager at the Lincoln dealership and any suggestion he may have in removing same, he explained the issue had been documented and researched to the conclusion it is an orange colored adhesive used at the factory in Hermosillo Mexico, in the process of securing  the headliner to the inner roof, of which apparently has been known on occasion to leach thru the fabric material causing a stain like appearance particularly on light colored interiors.

I've also been informed, this would be covered under the warranty, however they would need to first order a new headliner, then it would require keeping the car a couple days to remove and replace the new liner, as it entails removing the seats, console and such to properly do the job. Oh boy!


I keep trying to convince myself that I haven't made a big mistake having bought this automobile in the first place. Ha!

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I found the same kind of spots on my headliner! I bought some shampoo/spot cleaner and was able to clean the spots off. If they show back up I'll know to take it in!

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