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Lincoln Account Notifications

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I have a Lincoln account (2017 MKZ HYbrid with SYNC 3) and for quite January thru latter part of May)the notifications I was receiving "You have no new notifications or updates" about three wks ago

I received a notification that I need to activate my vhr and as we know it's virtually impossible to activate vhr with regards to SYNC 3, please keep in mind the Lincoln App on your cell phone is entirely separate, this info is reported via modem in vehicle. Mileage, Oil life, where the car is and start and stop vehicle and more.

So I clicked on activate VHR and then it took me to another page where it said "If you believe you have received this message in error "PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER CLIENT CENTER" or something along those lines

Guess what after clicking ""IT took me to Adobe Experience Manager" What!!!

And to answer your question, have you spoken to Lincoln, "YES" Answer: We are looking into it. You have heard that before also 3 browers have been tried IE11, Edge and Chrome and results are all the same.


*****CURRENT VEHICLE 2017 MKZ Hybrid Reserve when I signed up for account*****

Anyone else noticing these problems?




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