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Multiple Coil-on-Plug Failure

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I have a 2008 MKZ with 58K miles. The car started running very rough and the engine light started flashing. I ran OBD2 diagnostics on it and got a "ignition failure on cylinder 4". I removed the Coil-on-Plug and it was fried. It looked like it had melted. I visually compared it to other COP's. I replaced both the plug and the COP on the #4 cylinder and when I started the car and ran OBD2 diagnostic on it, I got the same message. I removed the COP and it was smoking and was melted just like the one I pulled out earlier. Does anyone have an idea of whats going on. The Edge Forum has what looks like the same issue in 2011:


"OK turns out Ford has recently released a TCB that addresses the problems I am having. Turns out the PCM's are failing causing the COP coils to stay on, thus heating up and ultimately melting the COP coils. Ford is replacing all of the COP coils, sprak plugs and PCM at no cost to the customer. There are certain stipulations though, one being the car ha less than 80,00 miles. Not sure about other qualifications but I barley made it on the miles. Hats off to Ford for standing behind their product. Hope this post helps some one else." 


Thanks for your help.

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