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Close to purchasing a loaded 2013 MKZ

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I am closing in on a deal on a fully loaded 2013 MKZ with AWD and the 3.7 and pretty much every option with 39k miles. I think I am getting a decent deal on it, but I am slightly concerned that everything is electronic on the vehicle and if something breaks it seems like it would be expensive to fix. Is it worth looking in to the Ford ESP at all? Or should I take chances and assume it will be reliable?


I am very capable of fixing things because I am a car guy, but my concern is more about the cost of the parts.

Any thoughts?

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I had a 2013 MKZ Hybrid that I just loved. I ordered it so it would have everything I wanted (loaded with just about everything except the sun roof). The only reason I don't have it now is because the ended and I got "new car fever" and leased a 2016 MKC.


I considered buying my leased MKZ-H at the end of its 3 year lease term (because I liked it that much) and was giving thought to getting the Ford ESP if I did buy it. My recommendation to you is, if you can pick and choose what major areas are covered (and I no longer remember if that is possible, sorry), I probably would get the ESP for the major items like powertrain and the electronics (entertainment).


Why? Because the 2013 MKZ is the first model year of the re-designed MKZ and Lincoln hadn't had time to get much experience with making them and/or working out the unexpected bugs in that major re-design. (That's the risk with getting first-model-year cars, like I tend to do.). If you were to buy a later-year MK, after the manufacturer had a few years' experience with building that model and making incremental improvements based on real world experience, it might be different. In your case, if you find the terms and the cost of the ESP right, I think I'd do it.

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