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Considering some options - opinions re: a 2007

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Hi all - I'm in the market for something to replace the wife's 07 Milan that fell victim to traffic perils on a wintry Ohio night. :(


The biggest thing we've been looking for are a similar chassis/style and a major plus for her is heated seats - but narrowing searches down to include only such options is somewhat difficult and we've found that the Zephyr/MKZ's standard equipment inclusion of this (and many other things) makes them attractive options.


I've reached out to a few sellers with 2007s for sale as fairly universally they're within our budget (when leaving a margin to account for inevitable "new to me" car fix items) and have so far spoken with only one of them. Just about all have 160-170k or more. The Milan these would potentially be replacing had the 3.0/auto and a tad over 100k and I had done all its maintenance to that point aside from transmission fluid changes.


I'm familiar with the older Ford engines like the 4.6 and 3.8 (own a 97 T-bird); the 3.0 seemed pretty reliable and stout over the 8 years we had the 07 Milan, but the 3.5 in the MKZ is new to me (as is the AWD option, which one we're seriously considering has).


I guess what I'm asking for is some advice regarding things to avoid - or look out for - when searching for one of these. Common problems or things to expect with a vehicle of this mileage, mostly (I've read a lot about the chrome peeling on the wheels, though the AWD 07 we're thinking about has aftermarket wheels - as well as door handle and/or drive shaft issues?).



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I had an 07 MKZ for about 3 years, had it up to 68k. Had no notable mechanical issues at all. I loved that car, and I'd probably still have it if I didn't opt to upgrade to a hybrid.


The couple times I brought it in for service, the service advisor always made it to a point to mention how that 3.5 "Sport" engine is one of the most reliable V6 engines Ford has ever made. Lots of power, though the MPG was a little low for me (avenged 17mpg, but that was almost all city driving).


The chrome peeling issue is just a cosmetic issue, although I never had that issue.


Overall they are very good cars, and as long as it was well maintained, it should do you well!

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