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Aux Input - 2016 MKZ

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I turned in my 2013 MKZ Hybrid for a 2016 model and was pleasantly surprised at a number of improvements that were made including interior materials, nav, heated rear seats, fewer quirks, etc.   One thing I have not yet found is the Aux input to plug in older devices or even newer ones that will not send all output through blue tooth.  I went to the Lincoln site, plugged in my make, model and year and found the following reference to it - specifically the "older media player that has only a headphone jack".  It used to be in the center console on my 2013.   Does anyone know where it is now and if it does not exist, not only is the web site incorrect but it is lacking a standard feature on just about all cars including entry level.  Thank you.


Plug in to play music

Plug your favorite gadgets into the media hub.  You can then listen to music by plugging in your USB flash drives, USB media players, and SD cards. You can also plug-in an older media player that has only a headphone jack for output. 


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