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1 hour ago, tonyd2boys said:

Does anyone know why the 2 fob method would not work? I bought a 2018 Lincoln MKZ that had only 1 fob.  I bought a new fob and had it programmed.... works great.  When I try the 2 fob method- nothing.  Any suggestions?  Not sure if this matters but when I look under settings it shows that I have 3 admin keys (the two I have and I guess a third that didn’t come with the car when I purchased it)!!  By the way- love this car....


Hi tonyd. I am confused. First, what are you trying to retrieve? Are you referring to the Factory Keyless Entry keypad code, or programming keyfobs? Or programming keyfobs so you can retrieve your factory door keypad code?

Next...Where did you have the new and old fobs programmed? A Lincoln/Ford Dealer or somewhere else?


Always hard to Internet guess. However, in most cases like this, it is due to one of two reasons. First, user error. The correct instructions are not being correctly followed.

Second, the vehicle owner had the new fob programmed by a non-Lincoln/Ford shop that does not have the correct tools. So the third party shop "cloned" the new fob to be a copy of the old fob. Therefore, when you try to reprogram the two fobs, the vehicle security system sees the two fobs as being the same fob inserted twice, instead of two separate and distinct fobs.


A sign this might be the case is the fact that your settings show 3 fobs. If the 2 fobs you have had been properly programmed, it should have erased any non-existent fobs. In other words, if you program 2 fobs properly, there will then only be 2 fobs in settings. All missing fobs would be erased.


Knowing where you had the fobs reprogrammed might help.


Let us know and good luck.

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Thank you for the response. I had the new fob programmed at batteries plus.  The new fob seems to work correctly.  

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10 hours ago, tonyd2boys said:

Thank you for the response. I had the new fob programmed at batteries plus.  The new fob seems to work correctly.  


Hi tony. If you did not have it programmed at Lincoln/Ford Dealer, then it is likely a "cloned" fob.


As I explained in my previous reply (and CDW stated in your other post about this), a "cloned" fob is simply a direct copy of the fob you already have. So the PATS system sees your two fobs as being one fob when you try to use them to program other fobs, retrieve the Keyless Entry code, etc.


You can contact Batteries Plus to ask if they cloned or newly programmed your new fob (if they even know the difference). The fact that the system shows you have 3 fobs programmed into the system also points towards the new fob being cloned...not programmed, since there would only be 2 fobs showing if your 2 fobs had just been programmed correctly.


I have a feeling you will need to take your car and fobs to a Lincoln or Ford Dealer to have the fobs properly programmed.


Let us know how you make out and good luck.


EDIT - And when you take your car and fobs to your Lincoln/Ford Dealer for proper reprogramming, they can retrieve your Keyless Entry Keypad factory code at the same time. It will save you having to do it yourself. It is all part of the same general process and will only add about 2 minutes to the diagnostic time, so there should be no extra charge for that. I would recommend calling around to your various local Lincoln/Ford Dealers to find the best price.

Also, if you recently purchased this car from a Lincoln/Ford Dealer, they should perform the fob reprogramming and Keyless Entry code retrieveal no charge, as a customer service. They should have provided 2 fobs and the Keyless Entry code in the first place.

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