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Fuel Economy

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I just bought a 2008 MKZ and I love it however I noticed where it tells you the MPG your getting mine stays at 18.9MPG on other cars ive been in the car tells you the MPG its getting real time. For instance if you go down a hill it shows your MPG increasing. With the MKZ I have not noticed this so how is it basing its MPG? Also does anyone have any upgrades or anything that they have done with their MKZ to increase fuel economy. It is AWD just for your information. I believe that 18.9 MPG is on the lowest end from what ive read which is very discouraging.

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Welcome to the forum.


The MPG readout in the 2008 MKZ is not an instantaneous reading.  It's a running average calculated over the last 500 miles driven.


Owner's Guide:


Average fuel economy (AFE)


Select this function from the INFO
menu to display your average fuel
economy in miles/gallon or
liters/100 km.


Do you have an owner's guide?  If not, you can download one here.

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