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Question regarding springs and ride height

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So I cannot help but notice, and be bothered by, the difference in wheel gap between the front and the rear of the car.  I would like to even this out by trimming the front springs (slightly). the difference front to rear is around 1/2" - 1" (I have not measured yet). Before anyone says it, I realize this will have a minor affect on spring rate.  It will not, however, compromise the spring integrity or much else for that matter (use to see this brought up in other car forums for years, the only way this happens is if you are cutting more than 1/2-3/4 of a coil and/or using a torch to do so)


I would already be jumping on this if it weren't for the CCD system on this car.  Seeing that aftermarket springs are available makes me think it does not affect the system, but I wanted to ask here before doing anything that may cause errors with the system.  


Because this one is so specific, please reserve responses to knowledge of how the dampening system works and facts for why it would or would not be an issue with this system.  

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curious also about the ccd system...Steeda springs maybe? Fusion owners seem to say it makes no difference but our driving modes and ccd suspension is different.


Maybe fusion sport owners have some input since they have the ccd system minus the comfort mode (i think)

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