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Found 3 results

  1. I bought a 2015 AWD Lincoln MKZ 3.2 one year ago (certified pre-owned with 20K miles). About 4 to 6 months ago, it developed a vibration or shake but would only occur when driving between 50 and 60 MPH. I first paid for an alignment for $175 but that didn't fix it. I took it back in and they had me ride with a technician. He thought it was occurring because of a problem with the engine brackets coming loose and the engine vibrating, so they replaced the brackets under warranty. That didn't fix the problem. I took it back and they had me ride with the service manager. He was skeptical that it wasn't normal but I expressed frustration that it wasn't happening the first six months I owned the car, and that at times the vibration is so severe it's uncomfortable riding. They did a road force balance and I paid another $180. But after a few days, I realized it simply changed the speed window. It now occurs between 55 and 65 but at times is as rough as it ever was. I'm taking it back in tomorrow but they've made it clear that I'm going to have to prove to the service manager that there's a problem because they think it's normal road feel and I'm just being picky. Curious if anyone else has experienced this? And if so, did the dealer ever find a fix? This is my first Lincoln after 17 years of owning Infinitis, and I never had such an issue with any of the infinitis I owned so I'm getting a little frustrated. Thanks!
  2. I have a 2014 MKZ. I am coming up on needing new tires. The dealership has quoted me an arm and a leg for new tire, but I am not excited about getting my tires changed by a 3rd party in case they damage my tire pressure sensors. If that happens, I will not be in warranty to have the sensors fixed... So, what do you think about getting tires replaced by a 3rd party for a cheaper rate? Worth the risk of being out of warranty to save a few bucks? Context: I had a blow out a few months back and I was on my way back on a 5 hour drive and had to have the tire replaced to get home. The only place open was a small shop that may have damaged my tire pressure sensor when they replaced it (or it was damaged in the blow out). Either way, since I didn't have it replaced at a dealership the sensor replacement was out of warranty and cost me about $300 for just one. I do not want to pay that much again (especially x4) so I am weary about going to a 3rd party. Thoughts?
  3. Where is the best place to purchase an extended warrantly for my 2010? My local dealer is too high priced!