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Found 4 results

  1. I have a 2008 Lincoln MKZ with the basic sync radio. I found a cool oem nav radio out of a loaded 2007 MKZ. Trying to figure out the audio control wiring. I was wondering if anyone has access to the wiring diagram for both radios 2008 sync and 2007 nav.
  2. I just bought a Zephyr and it's perfect, except I really need to be able to stream audio from my phone. The 2006 doesn't have an Aux input, which makes this problematic. My factory unit is THX-Certified without navigation. I don't care about phone integration, I don't need to add a mic. If I get a call, I'll hear through the speakers and they'll hear me through the phone mic. I've read a post in another forum where a guy said that he installed a 2007 factory unit in his 2006 with no problem, so I'm assuming that this is a possible solution. Is it possible for me to swap my factory 2006 non-nav unit for a 2007 navigation unit by simply plugging it in with the existing setup? In other words, is the bezel/cutout the same size for nav and non-nav units and are all the plugs the same? I realize the nav won't work without the accompanying CDs with the data. Although nav would be nice, the priority for me is to add a streaming option. I would also prefer a touchscreen to the interface on the non-nav unit, so even if I cant use the nav function of the nav unit, I would prefer the nav unit for that reason. I would love to get the nav working, but I don't know if the feeds (speed, location, etc.) in my factory non-nav vehicle exist or not. That is, I don't know if all that I'm missing for nav is the head unit with nav, or if there are other features required for nav which don't exist in my car. I'm not interested in any FM modulator solutions, and I want to retain the THX-Certified functionality, using all 14 speakers (if, in fact, that's what it's got - I only see 10). Here's a summation of my questions: 1. Can I put a 2007 non-nav unit in my 2006? 2. Can I put a 2007 nav unit in my 2006 which currently has a factory non-nav unit? 2a. If yes, will the nav work? 2b. If yes, will it fit in the 2006 non-nav space without modification? 2c. If yes, is any wiring modification required? 3. Has anyone added Bluetooth streaming capability to their 2006 or 2007? Any favorite solutions? Thanks, everyone. If I can get this going, this car's going to everything I could want. It's nine years old so that might sound crazy but I'm coming from a 2000 Continental, which is a great car but its old and I had a 1/4"-to-cassette to get audio in that baby!
  3. I want to add streaming capability to my Zephyr but the stock system has no Aux input. I don't want to use FM modulation. I do want to retain the THX feature. I'm considering swapping my system for the 2007 Nav system which has Aux. I realize this requires a different bezel. I don't know whether nav will work. I'd love for it to work, but it's not my priority. I'd use a GROM or iSimple type system in the Aux for BT streaming audio from my phone. I don't care about phone calls, I don't need a mic. I'm also considering aftermarket options incorporating a Maestro unit in order to retain the THX feature. Has anyone tried anything like this?
  4. Eric McDonough

    THX Audio System

    Hi All, Just picked up a 2014 MKZ today with all the options including the THX audio system. I got the system configured such that it sounds quite good to the front seat passengers and have been enjoying it during my commute to work.. However today, while I was showing it off to some folks, I happened to sit in the back seat. I had a local HD classic rock station playing and I noticed that the audio quality in the back seat is quite the polar opposite of the quality in the front seat - I get a whole lot of bass and really not much else - it sounds like the speakers in the doors are barely doing anything. I currently have the system set to the SURROUND setting. Setting it to STEREO didn't seem to make much of a difference. Anybody else notice this? I'm wondering if I've got some bad channels in the AMP? My other thought is that the system is just tuned from the factory to favor the front seat passengers. Thanks! Eric