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Found 16 results

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  7. Dalton

    Water Leak

    I have a 2014 Lincoln MKZ and I have a large amount of water under my Front Passenger seat. It is also under the rear passenger side floor mat but nothing is under the front floor mat. I also checked the sunroof drains also so what could it be?
  8. Just had these Lincoln Welcome Lights installed on my 07 MKZ. For $17 shipped, you really can't go wrong :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJYfW73ell0
  9. After seeing the 2015 Lincoln Continental Concept, I have made it a mission to turn my 2007 MKZ emblem into a LED emblem of some sort... Researched a ton, and even though there are hundreds of LED emblem options, I am unable to find one for the Lincoln. Have come to the conclusion that I will need to make one myself... Any suggestions or ideas? The below are some of the only examples out there of a LED Emblem for a Lincoln that I can find.
  10. Just had these installed today on the driver and passenger doors of my 07 Lincoln MKZ. For $16 on aliexpress (plus installation), these are pretty cool. Turn on anytime the door is opened, and it is pretty simple installation (for the skilled). Power is supplied by splicing into the side mirror light.
  11. Couldn't resist trying these when I found them... Especially for $18 :) Not for my model Lincoln, but I was able to make some of the pieces work nicely. Anyone ever seen these before or know where I would be able to get something similar for the 07 MKZ?
  12. intoweapons

    Amethyst "sparkly purple" Lincoln MKZ

    Finally was able to catch the color of my Lincoln MKZ in the sun (Amethyst). My photography skills are horrible, as well as trying to use my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone camera (not ideal)... But after some quick touch-ups from Snapseed, I think it gives a decent idea of what it looks like on a sunny day. Most other times, it looks black. The color was initially a surprise for me when I went to buy the car, as the dealer had it listed online as black... Didn't think I was going to like it, but it has since become one of my favorite features of the car. On sunny days, the car looks amazing.... The blackish purple tint, with multi-color flaking (mainly gold, blue, and red), covered in a nice gloss, really makes the color jump out at you. At night and on gloomy days, it looks black (which is more my taste anyway). Unfortunately the color is horrible for keeping clean... It shows dust, dirt, and water spots constantly. I find myself wiping the car down every few days to keep it clean. It also helps that I am a Clean-Freak member at our local PDQ. Awesome deal for people like me who hate having a dirty car. It includes unlimited full-service washes - which includes interior vacuum and wipe down, exterior wash, and a clean soft-towel wipe down. Unlimited monthly cleaning, $40... Daily MKZ happiness, priceless :)
  13. intoweapons

    My 2007 Lincoln MKZ FWD

    New to the forum and the world of the Lincoln MKZ... Been driving mine for about three weeks now, and absolutely love it! . Came with right under 109,000 miles and the original owner took excellent care of it, inside and out. The color (Amethyst) really made the car jump out to me on the lot. Runs like a champ, but needs a new A/C Compressor. Did a couple of 0-60 tests (with TC on and off), and have some vids that I will post later on my youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/intoweapons)... Very impressed with the pick-up! Gas mileage is as expected (18 city/21 hwy), but haven't really tested it fully. Below are few pics, but have all of them on my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1105105986182024.1073741843.569411159751512&type=1). Looking forward to doing a few mods and would appreciate any suggestions or must-do's. Thanks for checking it out!
  14. A Review of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ: a Remarkable Luxury Car in Every Way By Patrick Rall G+ 2014-01-06 16:22 For the rest of the review, follow the link(http://www.torquenews.com/106/review-2013-lincoln-mkz-remarkable-luxury-car-every-way).
  15. Hey everyone.. new to the site. Just looking for some comments on what you think about my MKZ. Its a 2010, picked her up about 8 months ago. Just purchased new tires and rims.
  16. AndrewMKZ

    Very Blessed Lincoln Owner

    Hi everyone! My name is Andrew and I am new to the site. I just got a CPO 2010 MKZ. I was not planning on a Lincoln but God just worked it out. Found it in Memphis, had the interior I liked and I was blessed enough that it had the Ultimate, Navigation, and Technology Package. 23,500 miles. I had no idea about the CPO program! 3.5 v6 with the select shift 6-speed. I was worried about the black but now I love it! This was my 17th birthday gift lol! I love my family and am pursuing a degree in Chemistry/physics and hope to be an educator one day. God bless you all!