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Found 1 result

  1. New owner of 2017 MKZ here. ' When the sunlight hits the dash a/c vents they are reflected in the passenger and/or driver side windows so that they obscure the view of the side mirrors. How vivid the reflection is depends on direction of outside light (sun more or less above or from the front) and whether cloudy or full sun. Under the right conditions the side mirrors can hardly been seen at all. I first noticed this when test driving the car. The attached pictures were taken on a very cloudy day. If you've seen this on your car, how bad was it and what, if anything, did you do about it? This car has tinted front windows. Do y'all think the tinting could be making the reflections more intense? Thinking that blacking out the chrome on the a/c vent would help, I placed some flat black painter's tape over the chrome of the drivers side vent and that markedly reduced the problem. So I'm thinking about doing a vinyl wrap of the offending chrome trim. Any thoughts are very appreciated. Thanks.