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Found 1 result

  1. latest addition: 7/19/2017 - Distance Alert/ Indication (requires Red HUD bar) All credit goes to Dan (DanMC85) over at 2GFusions.net. Any information in this post I have copied from his tutorial. I only want to provide a place for the MKZ owners to know what has been tested. This post is just a a reference for me, Dan's post will always be more up-to-date then this one, Please send him donations if these mods work for you at https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=GX23M28XAALVJ Link to his tutorial http://www.2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=4573 Spreadsheet with Known Mods for Fusion http://bit.ly/DanMc85FORScanMods Mods I was able to get working on a 2015 MKZ Fully Loaded ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fuel History for last 24 minutes (under Fuel Economy) IPC 720-02-01 - xXxx xxxx xxxx - add 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ford Sync 2 (MyFord Touch) Only Equalizer Presets in Sound Menu: APIM 7D0-01-02: xxxx xXxx xxxx Add 8 to value at X... it is probably a 0 now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reverse Dip and Auto-Folding mirrors REVERSE DIP SIDE MIRRORS (REQUIRES MEMORY MIRRORS/SEATS IN VEHICLE) IPC 720-02-01: xxxx 7xxx xx DDM and PDM 740/1-03-01 7000 xx 740/1-13-01 FCxx If you have any trouble getting this to work... have your dealership use IDS to update your DDM/PDM to the latest software version. There has literally been like 10 updates for the modules. (For my 2014 at least, I'm sure more for the 2013). REVERSE DIP AND AUTOFOLD SIDE MIRRORS - Requires Motorized Mirrors to be installed. IPC 720-02-01: xxxx Fxxx xx DDM and PDM 740/1-03-01: F800 xx 740/1-12-01: FCxx 740/1-13-01: FCxx Go into Mirror Settings under Vehicle in IPC to turn both these features on after changing code. To Use Reverse Side Mirror Dip: Before shifting into reverse, select the mirror you want by pressing the left or right mirror control button. Then shift to reverse, it should dip. If you do reverse tilt/dip and have mirror clicking sounds or position issues. Try this: The mirror automatically adjusts to a set position, but you can change the position by doing the following: 1. Switch the ignition on. 2. Select the mirror you want to re-position. 3. Put your vehicle into reverse ® and let the mirror automatically dip to its set position. 4. When the mirror is in its dipped position and is no longer moving, re-position it to your preference. 5. Put your vehicle into park (P). 6. Use the memory preset control to save selection. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Panic Alarm Setting for Key Fob: 726-37-01 (2014+ MY) xxxx xxxX xxxx (BdyCM) 2 (Enabled One Single Press Activation - Default) 1 (Enabled Two Consecutive Press Activation) 0 (Disabled) 726-01-02 (2014+ MY) xxxX xxxx xxxx (BdyCM) 0 = Light Flash and Horn Sound (Default) 1 = Light Flash Only -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disable Door Lock Horn Honk (2x Press on Fob) 726-38-02 (2014+ MY) xxxX xxxx xxxx Note: This is great to disable horn honk with 3x Lock Remote Starters (BdyCM) 1 (Enabled - Default) 0 (Disabled) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Point Timeout: 726-39-01 (2014+ MY) XXXX xxxx xxxx (BdyCM) 1194 (Default Time - 1 Hour, 15 Minutes) 0001 (Turns On/Off With Car - 1 Second) 5460 (6 Hours) A8C0 (12 Hours) FD20 (18 Hours) FFFF (Max Time - 18 Hours, 12 Minutes, 15 Seconds) OR xxxx xXxx xxxx 1 (Enabled - Default - Timeout Active) 0 (Disabled - Power Point Always On) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Door Close Double Horn Honk (Engine Running Without Keyfob Detected (PTS)): 726-41-02 (2014+ MY) xxxX xxxx xxxx (BdyCM) 1 (Enabled - Default) 0 (Disabled) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DRL Switchback w/Turn Signal: 726-26-02 (2014+ MY) xxxX xxxx xxxx 0 (Disabled) 1 (Enabled - Default) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tire Pressure (TPMS) Gauge: 720-04-01 (2015+ MY) xXxx xxxx xxxx (IPC) 0 (Disabled) 4 (Enabled) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Digital Speedometer Gauge: (Currently in km/h) 720-07-01 (2015+ MY) xxxX xxxx xxxx (IPC) 0 (Disabled) 1 (Enabled) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heated Steering Wheel Temp: 714-02-01 (2013+ MY) xxXX XXXX xx (HSWM) 44 4444 (68º - 2013/2014/2015 Fusion/MKZ Default) 4C 4C4C (76ºF) 54 5454 (84ºF - 2015 Mondeo Default) 58 5858 (88ºF) 5A 5A5A (90ºF) 5C 5C5C (92ºF - 2016/2017 Fusion Default) 5E 5A5E (94ºF) 64 6464 (100ºF - 2016/2017 MKZ Default) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Distance Alert / Indication Figured this one out this morning... I believe this is already factory enabled on Mondeo's, but not on our Fusion's. Note: This mod requires the vehicle to have Adaptive Cruise Control and the Forward Collision Warning System with the Red HUD bar on the top of the dashboard. CCM: 764-01-01 xxxx x2xx (some newer CCM modules may have an extra byte, just ignore it... ex: 764-01-01 xxxx x2xx xx) - existing value should be a 1. We are changing it to a 2. IPC: 720-01-02 xxxx 9xxx (adding a 4 to existing value, mine was a 5 thus it is now a 9). Distance Alert / Indication "If the distance to the lead vehicle is small, the red warning light illuminates a small bar in the windshield." Some instrument clusters also support displaying it as a Distance Indication picture above the vehicle icon as well. You need to enable this in the menu system in the collision avoidance menu, its turned off by default.