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Found 37 results

  1. Hey, newish to the forum and I have to say it's the best forum I've been on for a long time! I thought I'd share a pic I took of my car a while back, then decided to go crazy on Photoshop getting rid of all body seams/interruptions. What do you think of the seamless look?
  2. I have a 2016 MKZ with SYNC Version 2 (I think). I would like to know if anyone has done the Apple CarPlay software update and/or installed the USB hub to connect your phone to your screen/apple CarPlay app. Does anyone have a list of part numbers there are required to do this swap? There are few videos about it but more for the F-150 and other SYNC enabled vehicles. Any YouTube links out there? This seems like a great upgrade and would really like to give it a shot. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
  3. greenwood60641

    2016 MKZ Windows found open

    So I parked my Lincoln and went into a building to take care of some business. I came out one hour later to find the windows down on my 2016 Lincoln MKZ. At first I thought my car had been vandalized but when I noticed all four windows were down I began to think something else was going on. No damage and nothing missing from the car. Later that day I found on the Lincoln web site a video about the car cooling feature. Hit the unlock key on the FOB once, pause a moment and then hold down the unlock key for three seconds. Sure enough, all four windows rolled down. Problem is I can't figure out how I might have "accidentally" done this with the key FOB in my jacket pocket. Jerry Chicago
  4. Looking for suggestions on a good method of mounting a phone in my 2007 MKZ. Would really like it to be higher on the dash, right of the steering wheel, left of the clock (more eye level, but not on windshield or top of dash). If I can avoid screws or adhesive, that would be awesome. Found the below products so far, but not really sure how well they will work. Any help would be appreciated :) If you have pics of a clever method you came up with, I would love to see it! http://www.proclipusa.com/phone-holders/device/samsung/galaxy-s4/medium-universal-adjustable-holder-for-devices-with-a-case-246824-19356.cmsv?p_leftorright=0 http://www.rammount.com/part/RAM-B-316-1-238U
  5. shannz

    Billet Grille

    Any body know anywhere to buy billet grilles for the 2012 MKZ?? I found some for the MKS but none for the MKZ, really trying to customize mine and spice it up a little. Suggestions????
  6. intoweapons

    2007 MKZ 0-60 Test

    Was curious on the 0-60 time with my 07 Lincoln MKZ (FWD), with the 3.5l V6. Hate beating on my car, but if I follow through with some upgrades (air intake, performance exhaust and chip), I would like to have a base of what this car is capable of. Anyway, thought I would share the fun and make a video for everyone... Hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/kOgOpoN84AQ *Can't figure out how to embed video... If anyone knows how in this forum, I would love to know! Thanks!
  7. Myron D. Brown

    E15 Fuel

    Hello, I have a 2017 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Black Label. I was just noticing yesterday that a lot more gas stations in my area are carrying E15 fuel. I looked in my owner's manual, and it says: "Your hybrid vehicle can use E15 (15% ethanol, 85% gasoline) fuel, but you may notice slightly reduced fuel economy because ethanol contains less energy per gallon than gasoline. Your hybrid vehicle is not designed to use E85 (85% ethanol)." Do any of you have experience using E15 fuel? And what are your thoughts? Although the owner's manual said I can use E15, a quick Google search for "E15 fuel" yields results about warnings and bad reviews. If I understand correctly, the EPA has certified that all 2012 or later models sold in the U.S. are certified to run on E15. And any 2001 or later vehicle should be okay. Buthis AAA has said that E15 can cause damage/corrosion to some components because of the higher percentage of ethanol. E15 is only $2.18/gallon here, whereas 87 octane is $2.25/gallon. Thanks!!
  8. King_Jayythann

    2010 mkz

    From the album: My rides.

    My 2010 in recovery
  9. John-Michael Dumais

    Better coverage driver side floor mat?

    Hello y'all. I just purchased a 2013 MKZ Hybrid and was concerned to observe that, with my seating position (seat all the way back), there is a significant amount of exposed carpet (almost a foot) over the lip under where the seat would be if pulled forward, that is not covered by WeatherTech or other all-weather carpets I have found. On longer trips I definitely would be moving my feet around to that location for relief/variation. Do you know of a solution for this? Thanks! John-Michael in Keene NH
  10. this is for anyone that spent way too much time like me figuring out which LED bulbs to buy...the owners manual has some errors regarding the original replacement bulbs making this process extra special... dome light & 2 rear map lights = Phillips Festoon 43mm LED bulb 2 front map lights = Phillips 194 LED bulb the Festoon bulbs aren't that bright, but the 194's up front make up for it. license plate = 2 Phillips Festoon 38mm LED bulb puddle lamps = 2 Phillips 194 LED bulb (not the brightest but looks classy) fog lights = Nokya High Powered LED H8 H9 H11 compatible.
  11. International J

    finally bought an Mkz

    After two LSE's I'm finally behind the wheels off an Mkz. I'll forever mid my LS but this new Mkz is the beginning of a new legacy!
  12. So far I have really liked the LED conversion on the MKZ. Definitely gives the car a more luxury look. https://youtu.be/peedRuQ0J-g
  13. lbarzin

    Keypad Factory Code

    Just bought a 2010 MKZ and am really happy with it - spent some time yesterday trying to get the factory code for the keypad so I can set a personal code, but since I am not the first owner and don't have the wallet card, I couldn't get started. Called my local Lincoln dealer and they said - "Sure - bring the car and $60 dollars in and we'll retrieve it for you". Not thrilled with that response I looked around the internet and found the answer in the Mercury Milan forum. Get an extendable inspection mirror from your local hardware store for a few bucks and extend it up under the dashboard just to the left of the steering wheel. Next to and slightly above the fuse box there are a bunch of modules but only one will have a 5-digit number on a white sticker. You need the mirror to read it, but with the mirror it took me less than 30 seconds. Also - the printed documentation for setting the personal codes leaves out one critical step. You to have the key in the ignition to set a personal code (I left the sunroof open during the process just in case I locked it by mistake). Once I did that the process went as advertised. Hope this helps someone out there and saves them the $50-60 that the unhelpful dealers wanted.
  14. Just had these Lincoln Welcome Lights installed on my 07 MKZ. For $17 shipped, you really can't go wrong :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJYfW73ell0
  15. After seeing the 2015 Lincoln Continental Concept, I have made it a mission to turn my 2007 MKZ emblem into a LED emblem of some sort... Researched a ton, and even though there are hundreds of LED emblem options, I am unable to find one for the Lincoln. Have come to the conclusion that I will need to make one myself... Any suggestions or ideas? The below are some of the only examples out there of a LED Emblem for a Lincoln that I can find.
  16. First posting. Bought one of these 2011 Ford Fusion painted spoilers- it was delivered in 3-4 days. Paint job is flawless. Easy install- has 3 holes on each side. I just used two on each side to avoid needing to drill through the double layer section of the trunk. Installed the spoiler and a trailer hitch in a little over two hours. Just follow the instructions. See attached pix. (No making fun of my ratty lawn) In case the URL above doesn't work: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151025642861 Joe L
  17. Couldn't resist trying these when I found them... Especially for $18 :) Not for my model Lincoln, but I was able to make some of the pieces work nicely. Anyone ever seen these before or know where I would be able to get something similar for the 07 MKZ?
  18. intoweapons

    Amethyst "sparkly purple" Lincoln MKZ

    Finally was able to catch the color of my Lincoln MKZ in the sun (Amethyst). My photography skills are horrible, as well as trying to use my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone camera (not ideal)... But after some quick touch-ups from Snapseed, I think it gives a decent idea of what it looks like on a sunny day. Most other times, it looks black. The color was initially a surprise for me when I went to buy the car, as the dealer had it listed online as black... Didn't think I was going to like it, but it has since become one of my favorite features of the car. On sunny days, the car looks amazing.... The blackish purple tint, with multi-color flaking (mainly gold, blue, and red), covered in a nice gloss, really makes the color jump out at you. At night and on gloomy days, it looks black (which is more my taste anyway). Unfortunately the color is horrible for keeping clean... It shows dust, dirt, and water spots constantly. I find myself wiping the car down every few days to keep it clean. It also helps that I am a Clean-Freak member at our local PDQ. Awesome deal for people like me who hate having a dirty car. It includes unlimited full-service washes - which includes interior vacuum and wipe down, exterior wash, and a clean soft-towel wipe down. Unlimited monthly cleaning, $40... Daily MKZ happiness, priceless :)
  19. I have a 2013 Lincoln MKZ with a 2.0L Ecoboost and 6F35 Transmission. I have owned my MKZ since March of 2014 and it only has about 7000 miles on it. Right now the dealership wants to overhaul my transmission to replace the forward clutch piston seal as direct by engineer at Ford Motor Company in reference to SSM 44760. I have been told that this “fix” is for vehicles that have very harsh engagements in all forward gears and the shop foreman at my dealership told me that this “fix” will most likely do nothing about my engagement issue since my MKZ does this while shifting into forward and reverse. Sept. 2014 @ 3600 miles, I started noticing random harsh engagements when selecting Drive and Reverse during a cold start. Now it’s gotten a little worse, I’ve even felt a double engagement feeling when selecting Reverse and it’s now during warm/cold starts. The engagement is so harsh that it can jerk my head and the whole car. Currently, I have only noticed the harshness when selecting Park to Drive, Drive to Reverse, Park to Reverse, Drive to Neutral. I feel the harsh engagement before I even touch the accelerator, so my foot is on the brake the whole time. I don’t notice it on the highway when the MKZ shifts from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, … But, I have noticed when I give the car a little gas while crawling in traffic, the car will jerk a little bit. When I first purchased the 2013 MKZ it had 22 miles on it and ran beautifully. I recently took the car to the dealership to do a recall/oil change and asked them to look at this. I was able to duplicate the harsh engagements in front of the shop foreman, and he said to me that this is a definitely too harsh, and I’m going to load the latest calibrations for all the modules including PCM and TCM. He insured me this will fix the issue. When I went to picked up the car it felt the exactly the same, and I refused to pick up my MKZ. The dealership even found another 2013 MKZ to show me that other MKZ have the same “harsh engagements”, well that MKZ did not have any harsh engagements instead it felt just like my MKZ back when I got the keys. What I would like to know, is there anyone that has had this “fix” for harsh engagements? If so, did this fix help and how did your harsh engagement issues start? Any suggestions? Thanks, David
  20. Hey guys, I currently own a 2006 Lincoln Zephyr and love the car. There are a couple things in this model year I don't like and have problems with like the dashboard coming up and the chrome peeling off the rims. I cut open the dash and realized it was probably going to be a couple k to fix. I've been looking at a few MKZs and came across a 2008 with 65k miles, AWD, Heated & Cooled seatch with NAV for 12k. I'm thinking about trading my car in for this 2008. It looks like this car has the same problem mine does with the rims but I am probably going to end up buying a set of after market rims. What are your guys thoughts? Worth it? My car has 94k miles on it.
  21. intoweapons

    My 2007 Lincoln MKZ FWD

    New to the forum and the world of the Lincoln MKZ... Been driving mine for about three weeks now, and absolutely love it! . Came with right under 109,000 miles and the original owner took excellent care of it, inside and out. The color (Amethyst) really made the car jump out to me on the lot. Runs like a champ, but needs a new A/C Compressor. Did a couple of 0-60 tests (with TC on and off), and have some vids that I will post later on my youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/intoweapons)... Very impressed with the pick-up! Gas mileage is as expected (18 city/21 hwy), but haven't really tested it fully. Below are few pics, but have all of them on my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1105105986182024.1073741843.569411159751512&type=1). Looking forward to doing a few mods and would appreciate any suggestions or must-do's. Thanks for checking it out!
  22. KeithL46

    MKZ 2007 01 Jpg

    From the album: KeithL46 MKZ

    KeithL46 '57 2007 MKZ
  23. A Review of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ: a Remarkable Luxury Car in Every Way By Patrick Rall G+ 2014-01-06 16:22 For the rest of the review, follow the link(http://www.torquenews.com/106/review-2013-lincoln-mkz-remarkable-luxury-car-every-way).
  24. Yousif Almutair


    Good day , My name is yousif and i'm from saudi arabia i have MKZ white color , i'm very happy to joined with you . thanks yousif
  25. william

    Acura owner trades for new MKZ

    I took delivery of my 2014 MKZ last Wednesday. I have been a long time Acura driver but after driving the new TLX decided to look at the MKZ. I was very impressed with the car enough to make the trade. I'm still a bit nervous about the dealer experience and reliability but thus far could not be more thrilled with the car. I got the 2.0T black on black, backup camera, aluminum trim, 19 polished aluminum wheels.