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  1. Tallif

    I want my buttons back.

    Bring back the buttons. I hate having to look every time I want to seek on the radio. No the one on the steering wheel goes to presets.... GREAT unless you routinely drive over 100 miles to work on Sunday and back on Thursday. I don't have presets for BFE Ohio or Indiana or Illinois set so the skip to preset is worthless. I have to look down and press the invisible place on the dash to seek. Everything you do, you either have to look down and to the right or down between the gauges. Constantly taking your attention from the road. I could rest my fingers on the nice bar to keep me in place, but wait that turns the volume down. Nice I spent the extra money for the Navigation System just to bring out my trusty Garmin out of the beat up truck to stick it on my windshield because using the nav system in the damn car is like teaching a fish to fetch a stick. Then you can't do anything unless your parked. Your kid wants to pair his phone... Sorry we ain't stopping. Your wife wants to change the destination... Sorry we will find it when we get there cause I ain't stopping. Ford I know you signed this big contract with Microsoft but didn't you learn from Windows ME, Vista, 8 or Office 2011? Even your mechanics call it junk. I love my car but the whole mytouch system needs to be repaired or replaced.
  2. Tallif

    New to me 13 MKZ

    Cool forum. Just got a 13 MKZ black 3.7 AWD it goes in for tint tomorrow and I am looking for a place to get all my chrome blacked out. My harley does not even have this much chrome. Just a chrome hater I guess. Looking for a good set of black rims too. Usuly have to put in Fusion to find them. Tallif