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  1. brentonm74

    Post Track Day Mods -2017 MKZ 3.OT AWD

    I'll keep you posted airflow.Hope your enjoying that car.
  2. brentonm74

    Post Track Day Mods -2017 MKZ 3.OT AWD

    Yes that's what I got on the rear is posi's.The front I have EBC.Im still beding them in but so far they feel nice.
  3. I have just completed an upgrade of my rotors and brake pads after my last track day.I have slotted performance rotors and heavy duty racing pads.If anyone is looking to upgrade, the jobs is so eady.I did all 4 wheels in about 1.5 hours.Very easy brake job. I forgot to get a shot of front post job.if anyone wants to see it, let me know. Brent
  4. brentonm74

    Picked Up My 2017 3.0T AWD Z Today

    Congrats Airflow.Im sure you will enjoy like the rest of us.What a beautiful machine
  5. At the hub yes.When we see them at the factory, they have the coating on them. o.
  6. Hey. Check out this site. http://www.cquence.net/partfinder/product/list/?year=2017&make=Lincoln&model=MKZ They have the parts for our car. When you add the rotor to the cart, the pads will show up. They show a Posi Quiet but they are still in R/D so they have Raybestos in stock. Im waiting on the pads so I can install everything Word to the wise, dont get the drilled stuff if you plan to drag or track your car regularly. They tend not to last long both for rotor and the pads I see your in my area. You should come out to the track with your 3.0T. Closes fun tracks are Waterford or Grattan out in Belding
  7. More photos from track day.i have upgraded the brakes and rotors so far.Tires are on the way.Next track day will be 7/8
  8. brentonm74

    Brent's 2015 MKZ

  9. Just general hesitation has always been a problem with the Ecoboost engines.Its in the timing and fuel management from what i understood.NA cars like my Shelby, I don't have that issue at all.
  10. Can you recommend those parts or where to get them?
  11. That Z is alot of fun. More fun that I can remember during development days. There was really no push for "track days" under development goals. I hope after my bosses see this performance, some development could potentially happen.When I ordered my car, the drivers package vehicle would take a few weeks to come in so I went with the standard. Those vector chassis cars are fun.
  12. I have other videos of me chasing down and passing "track cars". one was a BMW who had a plate bragging about his 350HP. I smoked him. As far as upgrades, I ordered slotted/drilled rotors and I'm in the process of trying to hunt down some performance brake pads. So far, im not seeing any. Lastly, Ill throw some f1's or semi sticky tires.We have some of those lying around the shop so Ill give that a try. Next rack day is July 8-9 so Ill be out there again.
  13. So manyof the guys i race with came up to me and said " your putting that on track" they were surprised how well it did. I saw your ride on another forum and its out of it element for sure lol. I might have to suggest to my bosses that we add some performance brakes at least to the next gen cars and a next sport gear box