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  1. Eric McDonough

    Lost Lock and Unlock Feature

    I've noticed that this intelligent access system seems to be more prone to interference from my cell phone then other systems I've used. I've experienced it not working (grab the handle, it doesn't unlock.. or press the ridges and it doesn't lock), but it's always been because my keys have been in the same pocket as my phone. Seems to start working again when I put my telephone in my other pocket, wait 5 seconds and then try again..
  2. Eric McDonough

    Sync cell phone and texting

    Someone already posted this above, but here's a bump on the link to setup your system with your iPhone to READ messages... http://support.ford.com/sync-technology/how-to-allow-ios-text-messaging-sync-myford-touch
  3. Eric McDonough

    Sync cell phone and texting

    Hi Davisjl, Yes I have my phone connected to the system via Bluetooth (not USB) and it has read every text that comes in while the phone is connected. I only had one hiccup once I upgraded to iOS8 which required me to un-pair the phone then follow the procedure someone posted above.. Also had to turn notifications back on under the SYNC Bluetooth profile in my phone.. Been good to go ever since. Now I have not tried to send texts, that seemed like more of a hassle - as long as I can hear em, I can reply later on.. Or call back, etc.
  4. Eric McDonough

    Sync Navigation

    Hah! Fair enough. Yes. I have zoomed in. It doesn't really make it any better... Was hoping I could get the traffic to overlay on top of the road like with google maps, etc..
  5. Eric McDonough

    Sync Navigation

    Has anybody figured out how to get the live traffic to show up ON TOP of the road? I can see the traffic info is there, as there's a sliver of yellow, red or green on the edge of roads where traffic info is available, but it's very hard to see.
  6. Eric McDonough

    Sync cell phone and texting

    I have had success getting the Sync/MLT system in my 2014 MKZ to read texts from my iPhone 5 running iOS8. As someone else here suggest you need to have notifications enabled from your iPhone.. Also when I did the update to iOS8, I needed to delete the iPhone from the paired list, then pair it up again. After turning notifications on and cycling the engine, I was back in business....
  7. Eric McDonough

    Poor Quality Sound from THX Sound System

    Agree with Davisjl - found that whatever Sirius/XM receiver they're using is garbage - on most channels you can hear how lossy compression is, which is unfortunate because I love the Sirius/XM music selection. Using CDs, or an iPod via USB, or Spofity/Pandora via bluetooth on your telephone, or a good HD radio station produces much better results. Heck even the Sirius/XM app on my phone sounds way better then the onboard receiver... I also found I had to set my fader back to almost halfway between the back and neutral/balanced position, crank the mids and set the bass and treble to approx. 3 bars (it's tough to tell because it seems like each bar has like 3 or 4 positions before the next bar lights up or disapears) to get optimal sound from the system in all 4 seats. Took me like 45 minutes or tweaking settings and switiching seating positions or so to get it all dialed in. Now I think it sounds pretty good. It's not the best system I've ever heard, but in my humble opinion it does sound better then the base MKZ system - I drove a base MKZ rental on a 5 day business trip - so I did have some basis for comparison. Just wish they would use a better Sirius/XM receiver.
  8. Eric McDonough

    THX Audio System

    Oh that is pretty sweet... I will have to try that. Wonder what other easter egg-ish type voice commands like that are in there?
  9. Eric McDonough

    THX Audio System

    Yea I played around with it quite a bit and finally got it tuned in so it sounds great in all seating positions. Had to mess with the fader and tweak the EQ to bump up the mid range.. I sort of wish they had given us 2 extra bands, like a mid high and a mid low. Anyway sounding good now. Thanks for the help!
  10. Eric McDonough

    THX Audio System

    Hi All, Just picked up a 2014 MKZ today with all the options including the THX audio system. I got the system configured such that it sounds quite good to the front seat passengers and have been enjoying it during my commute to work.. However today, while I was showing it off to some folks, I happened to sit in the back seat. I had a local HD classic rock station playing and I noticed that the audio quality in the back seat is quite the polar opposite of the quality in the front seat - I get a whole lot of bass and really not much else - it sounds like the speakers in the doors are barely doing anything. I currently have the system set to the SURROUND setting. Setting it to STEREO didn't seem to make much of a difference. Anybody else notice this? I'm wondering if I've got some bad channels in the AMP? My other thought is that the system is just tuned from the factory to favor the front seat passengers. Thanks! Eric