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  1. AZ MKZ h

    AutoGeek sale right now !

    Jim, good lead to AutoGeek discount but I didn't see this in time and the offer expired. That said, I did find a product I was looking for...and a 10% disc. "303 Rubber Seal Protectant" Mainly wanted it for rubber around pano roof track rubber. If it works, I'll let you know. Ron
  2. In one word, your car is "stunning". Awesome job with wrap/color and the wheels are awesome.
  3. AZ MKZ h

    Paint Chip

    Jim, thanks for info on the clear bra application and checking prior work is a really good idea; especially on the jet black paint. My Lincoln dealer had it on several cars including one loaded black Continental...stunning auto...I might inquire 'who done it'. Thanks, Ron
  4. AZ MKZ h

    Paint Chip

    I lived with that paint chip because as we know, touch up just doesn't do it right...especially in a highly visible spot. Eventually my fix was to trade it in for a new car. Chipless for now. The clear bra might be a good next step.
  5. AZ MKZ h

    MKZ touch screen and finger prints

    I'll back the Nushield protector as well. Bought the DayVue style because of the bright AZ sun and the Pano Roof etc., but I'm thinking the extra buck or so might not have been necessary. The order process was fast and the shield was fairly easy to apply...I waited for a cool morning time. The finger dots aren't gone completely but don't show as bad until you get the right sunlight angle. That said, it's saving the original screen from abuse and I do like it.
  6. AZ MKZ h

    2 months and I'm in love with my car:)

    I get it....what's not to like about the MKZ. Glad that you are 'in love' with it. My first Lincoln MKZ was a 2014 hybrid loaded and with the pano roof and I loved it. Made the choice after the Int'l Car Show because the style was so unique. Just traded up to a '17 of course with the pano roof. I'll confess, I've looked in the garage a few times. Enjoy it...that's easy to do.
  7. AZ MKZ h

    2015 MKZ Wheels

    I just went through that same process. Traded in my '14 for a '17 and all the same fun stuff, but the wheels...but I've grown to like them. On the '14, the wheels like you are a fan of were great looking and easy to clean. On the '17 with the V6 they have a special painted style looks like a rotary blade and it would look great on my 'black' car. I couldn't get them to trade out the wheels even offering to pay any upgrade cost. They said it's got to do with the 'packages'...blah blah. All in all, I'm getting used to the new wheels. Unfortunately I'm not certain of the offset...call a service tech for that clarity. Side note...the changes from '14 to now are great.
  8. AZ MKZ h

    MKZ touch screen and finger prints

    I haven't seen that in a long time, but I could have used some OV-Gloves today trying to open the door handle.
  9. AZ MKZ h

    MKZ touch screen and finger prints

    I fell short of applying a protective cover on my '14 MKZ and the finger dots drove me nutz. I tried a stylist and it works ok, but regretted keeping it above the visor; in this heat, it was too hot to touch. Today, I'm buying one for the '17 newbe and now the only finger prints out there are with the FBI. ps - glad this topic was still around to get the links.
  10. AZ MKZ h

    My 2014 Lincoln MKZ

    Nice car / great color, wheels and tint. In AZ the window tinting is a way of life and it's legal to tint the front door windows as well [thanks to the sunshine] but just don't tint it past the limits. So, I think it looks great on your car. As for blacking out the grill, since the car is black, to me it look fine stock, but if you want some great info on doing it, use the search box in upper right corner on topics, enter: DIY plasti dipped grille Having had 11 black cars over time, I relate to keeping them clean. In addition to all suggested already, buy one of those car dusters from the auto store; get a good one and keep it in the car. I use a new one on the paint and dash and use an "old / used" one for the wheels. With dark colors, this is really a 'must have'. Happy cleaning and driving.
  11. AZ MKZ h

    My 2017 MKZ HYBRID

    Really beautiful blue > great color choice
  12. AZ MKZ h

    I'm back in black....

    I liked my '14 MKZh so much, I just got a '17 Reserve in all black on black on black. 3 years all the better...still trying to find out how to operate all the "stuff". More photos as soon as I remember how to.
  13. AZ MKZ h

    What do you do?

    'retired' seems to be a popular occupation. Retired sales/marketing for int'l building materials corp. Time now for volunteering - web admin for therapy dog group.
  14. AZ MKZ h

    2014 MKZ 3M Wrap

    WoW. Pardon my French, but your car looks bad ass. Nice & unique.
  15. AZ MKZ h

    I can't Unsee This

    My eyes are burning and I'm laughing big time.