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  1. This started back in September, Check Engine light came on and so I made an appointment (one week out) light went out 2 days before the appointment. one week later came on again for 1 day and disappeared. Third time was on again for a few day, so I made another appointment (10 days out). Light went out again but I kept the appointment and they said it was a faulty O2 sensor but none in stock, finally got it in 3 days later and they replaced back on 10/15/18. Light came on again today (now this is becoming annoying), have to wait again until next Thur for appointment.πŸ˜ͺ Back on 10/15 they replaced part CJ5Z-9G444-B Sensor - Exhaust for a retrieved code PO13A. Also stated that no exhaust leaks found details say this is the Catalyst Monitor O2 sensor. I am not noticing any performance or odd engine issue. Does this make sense to any mechanically minded out there?
  2. I spoke to my repair rep Last Thursday and Lincoln is recommending changing the Catalytic.... just waiting for them to say the part is in....we'll see Meantime I went to look at the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV-GT - Very impressive mileage for a SUV hybrid but it is also a plug-in Update.... called them again yesterday (Tues), they say the part is in but are looking to line up a loaner as the change will take most of the day
  3. We don't need a reason to have friend over and pop back a few beers
  4. Ok, was at the dealer yesterday and they are stumped. They supposedly elevated the issue to Lincoln engineering but I saw where that went when I had the rumbling issue while the car was changing from the gas to the electric motor.... 😒It may be time to look for another vehicle, definitely next vehicle is back to an SUV or crossover, preferably a hybrid
  5. R2D2

    Hybrid MPG

    I have had mine in electric while coasting at 70 mph down I-95... never thought there was a top end but it could be there πŸ™„
  6. R2D2


    Howdy nice looking vehicle, sit back and enjoy the site πŸ˜‰
  7. R2D2

    New Owner!

    Hi SAH62 Nice choice and welcome to the club. 😊
  8. Well a coolant leak, even internal, would leave evidence by the way of lost coolant from the reservoir. My coolant level in the reservoir has been steady.
  9. Actually they did do the testing for exhaust leaks during the original trip to the shop for this issue but I will mention it to them again, I have another appointment just after the New Year
  10. Not sure I understand how a water pump could affect or be affected by an oxygen sensor
  11. Absolutely the same code again P013A... They are never going to find the issue. πŸ˜₯
  12. I guess I spoke too soon or I did jinx myself..... on the drive down to West Palm yesterday it appeared after after a rest stop.... grrrrr... I'll try and find an Autozone here to see if it is the same code again but I suspect it will be..... 2014 MKZh with approx 65,000 on the speedo
  13. It would have been nice if the article was accompanied by a video illustrating it πŸ™„
  14. R2D2

    MKZ and Concealed carry

    on my hip, IWB holster. Laws differ between states, what is good for me may not be good for you
  15. See the 4th post from top above from caddydaddy25, he explains what he did to fix this.
  16. R2D2

    Hybrid MPG

    Exactly....three seasons
  17. R2D2

    Hybrid MPG

    I actually find in my local the opposite, my overall mileage will drop 1-2 MPH in the heat of the summer and go back up in the cooler weather
  18. There is always something "on" in your car, this would not be a proper test. A proper test would be to use a meter that reads current flow (amperes) and knowing what the nominal current flow is when the car is idle, then and only then could you troubleshoot the issue. I also agree with izzy3906, I suspect the battery and if it is original, change it anyway. Many funky things start to happen due to a marginal battery.
  19. R2D2

    12V battery upgrade

    OK.... I'll bite what is a YellowTop? A brand of Battery?
  20. R2D2

    Hybrid MPG

    Great job, I believe the sweet spot for the best mpg is around 62 mph. My lifetime average is 37.9 -38.1 variation (summer vs winter) with 65K on the clock, to me those higher reports are really just for a particular trip and not the same as lifetime average.
  21. Well it has been about 4 weeks now and I don't want to jinx it but after the 2nd replacement sensor I have not seen a recurrence of the Check Engine light.\ In their case do you know if he had the same code (P013A)?
  22. R2D2

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    I purchased mine from an ebay vendor about 6 months ago, plenty of vendors there to choose from right now about $50-$55, some even lower I do find that actually computing the route to be a little slower but once it is done, maps work fine
  23. R2D2

    2017+ maps

    These sd cards are for 2014-2016 MKZ per the compatibility information, I believe the OP is looking for map update information for 2017 and up
  24. R2D2

    Losing power

    Not 100% sure this will affect this but did you recheck your settings in you left information display, from the Main menu go to Settings --->Vehicle --->Switch Inhibit On/Off option and also Settings --->Vehicle --->Power Deck Lid enable/Disable option See page 105-107 of your owner's manual (printing 2)