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  1. R2D2

    Battery Drain?

    It does not, your main hybrid battery does the big work, the small battery just runs the electronics basically. There are other threads on here about some folks that installed a larger capacity battery. I got my replacement from Autozone just over a yr ago and so far so good, I didn't up the size.
  2. R2D2

    Battery Drain?

    If this is the original battery, it is about 5 years old. It just may be time for a new one.
  3. R2D2

    Spammers - Proflile Completion

    Thanks Robert, BTW I am still showing a PM to you concerning another issue from back on Jan 24 that is indicate was never read, had to do the MKZ club membership
  4. R2D2

    2015 MKZ HYBRID ,

    This car should still be under the drive-train warranty, have you had a dealer look at the issue?
  5. R2D2

    auto insurance plug-in monitor

    HoitRodLinc, Being in Florida also, I have not seen my rates increase beyond normal COLI. My wife and I have both nice recent year vehicles including full coverage and our rates have been steady over the last 5-8 years. I am in North Central Fl and have no explanation of why you are seeing otherwise
  6. Or just get a vanity plate for the front
  7. Any info out there on the hybrid release date for the Corsair... desperately need to get back into an SUV and desire a hybrid.
  8. Sorry but I cannot imagine not having the AC on 365 days a year, but then again we live in FL and find that we need it. 😎
  9. I have an android phone and have found it to lose the reading of messages once in a while. To get it to work I completely remove the Bluetooth info in the phone and in the car. Shut down power to both and then restart and repair it. There are a couple of questions asked just after the repair starts of which one is about the MKZ allowing message access. This must be answered "always" for it to continue to work. There was a previous thread on this.....
  10. R2D2

    Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum

    Well howdy from Florida, you are going to love this car, post a picture when you get a chance😎
  11. R2D2

    Instrument Cluster Flickering / Outage

    Dielectric grease is not a conductor and therefore will not improve continuity but if your connections are tight it should not block current. I am a retired (41 years) communications and electrical specialist. I still keep a tube of it in my bag when I would work on all outdoor connection that are subject to damp conditions. If you want the proper grease for your purpose, use a No-Ox-ID or NOALOX grease. It does help improve conductivity and prevents oxidation and chemical reactions between dissimilar metal (i.e. copper and aluminum connections). You can find is in any of the home improvement stores, auto parts or an electrical supply company, a small bottle or tube goes a long way
  12. There is a thread discussion discussion on the MKZ Club membership that has benn hanging out there for a while (since Jan) that is still waiting for a response. drolds1 recommended that I drop a line to robertlame,about the issue which I did on Jan 24 but there has not been a reply and looks like it remains unread. Please see the posts in this thread starting onJan 23, 2019


    Thank You


  13. Did we ever figure out who is running the show here? My message to Robert Lane has still never been read.
  14. R2D2

    Instrument panel lights issues

    I only mentioned it as I saw it in the manual I gave a link to.
  15. R2D2

    Instrument panel lights issues

    I'm not familiar with the 2010 so I tried looking up the owners manual on the Lincoln site but being that it would not respond I went here https://www.manualslib.com/manual/94831/Lincoln-2010-Mkz.html?page=54#manual Looking at pages 53 & 54 it talks about the proper position of the headlamp switch for various functions. In your describing of the symptom, it almost sounds you are activating the DRLs rather then the Autolamp function Just a thought