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  1. R2D2

    12V battery upgrade

    OK.... I'll bite what is a YellowTop? A brand of Battery?
  2. R2D2

    Hybrid MPG

    Great job, I believe the sweet spot for the best mpg is around 62 mph. My lifetime average is 37.9 -38.1 variation (summer vs winter) with 65K on the clock, to me those higher reports are really just for a particular trip and not the same as lifetime average.
  3. Well it has been about 4 weeks now and I don't want to jinx it but after the 2nd replacement sensor I have not seen a recurrence of the Check Engine light.\ In their case do you know if he had the same code (P013A)?
  4. R2D2

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    I purchased mine from an ebay vendor about 6 months ago, plenty of vendors there to choose from right now about $50-$55, some even lower I do find that actually computing the route to be a little slower but once it is done, maps work fine
  5. R2D2

    2017+ maps

    These sd cards are for 2014-2016 MKZ per the compatibility information, I believe the OP is looking for map update information for 2017 and up
  6. R2D2

    Losing power

    Not 100% sure this will affect this but did you recheck your settings in you left information display, from the Main menu go to Settings --->Vehicle --->Switch Inhibit On/Off option and also Settings --->Vehicle --->Power Deck Lid enable/Disable option See page 105-107 of your owner's manual (printing 2)
  7. Thanks drolds1, That may be in the cards. I have researched for specs on this and there doesn't seem to be any dimension specs that I need to continue with this wish list. I can find info on features, etc but no dimension or info on mileage/performance other then it will have a 3.0 engine in the hybrid version. Anyone have other insight on this?
  8. Cannot say I have had any issues with that and my 2014 MKZh now has 65k on the speedo and I use adaptive cruise control daily. I regularly do not turn it on right after I start the car but will usually about 5 minutes into my trip. You do know there is a minimum 12mph (20km/h) speed for the system to work? If you did not get an owners manual, you can download one, the info on the Adaptive Cruise Control starts on page 192 in my version (printing 2) The ECO is an optional acceleration method and can be controlled (on/off) from the information display (Page 198) The collision warning system (option) is not tested by applying the brakes and is active above 5 mph (8 km/h), see page 210 and the sensitivity can be adjusted
  9. Do you have any idea when pricing and availability will become available? I am truly in the market right now for a hybrid SUV and I loved my MKZ
  10. R2D2

    Cabin Air Filter

    😂 I love it
  11. Well they are reordering the CJ5Z-9G444-B Sensor - Exhaust (other was installed about 3 weeks ago) I think they are just guessing, the car acted the same way before and after the sensor change so I fail to see how another new sensor will solve the issue. We shall see 2014 MKZh
  12. This is so frustrating, off and then back on again, Autozone confirms the same code again (P013A), dealer appointment set for Thurs (I hope it stay on so they can find this)
  13. I have used both at my dealer, I see no difference
  14. In fact I no longer see any way to change any of the profile information, I added my MKZ type to my signature line for now Back on topic..... of course the Check Engine light went out again on its own....