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  1. R2D2

    Seat Heater/Cooler Failure

    I would also check for a loose plug/connection under the seats, it's been know to happen from vacuuming 🙄
  2. R2D2

    2020 Explorer 3.0

    Very nice.... I have been looking for a hybrid SUV to help support my charity bike repair work (my MKZ is really not the right car for this). I would love to get some pricing on this I had an explorer years ago and loved it, one of the best SUVs around
  3. R2D2

    Compass frpzem at due north

    Smokestone, Are those the instructions from your 2010 vehicle? They do not make sense for a 2014 that JonMayo lists in his info as the radio doesn't match. In search through the 2014 manual online, there are no compass reset instructions that I can find. John, I do not know if the Master Reset would help you but surely other will chime in with their thoughts on that
  4. R2D2

    Fuel Door

    I just had my fuel door changed because the hinge sheared off.... nothing that I know hit it while open.
  5. Jim, I have had mine since new and never an issue, very similar handling to my previous Lexus and BMW
  6. R2D2

    Time keeps changing on clock

    The new battery is in mine for the last few months and clock still loses time by a few minutes over that period. IOW - No change with the new battery
  7. R2D2

    Fuel Door

    I wonder why they changed that.... previous years do not use a button to open the door, just pressing on the door opens it. 🙄
  8. R2D2

    Time keeps changing on clock

    Maybe a minute or two over 2-3 months but nothing how you are describing your issue.... even when my battery was dying 😉
  9. R2D2

    Air conditioning

    Howdy neighbor, we love visiting there
  10. R2D2

    Air conditioning

    Hi Mike, welcome aboard. I have a 2014 Hybrid which I purchased new and now have 60k on it. The AC works great in all modes, you are going to love it. BTW where in Florida are you, Im in Palm Coast on the east side between St Aug and Daytona
  11. R2D2

    Gas door

    The part price wasn't that bad.... under $30.
  12. R2D2

    Gas door

    Repair to gas door It ends up that the pin was sheared off, luckily I had pre-ordered the part vias the dealer so they were able to install the new one this morning at my appointment and not have to make a 2nd trip in.
  13. Yes.... when I do a re-connect it asks me for access to my contacts and messages in two separate questions.... if you don't answer them properly then the connection to those services are not made in my experience.
  14. JM... what phone do you have android or iphone? I am running a Kyocera android that is using Android 6.0.1 in my 2014. Once in a while (hasn't done it in about 6 months) I lose the messaging coming up to the MKZ screen. I just drop the bluetooth connection in both the MKZ and in the phone and then establish it as a new phone and my messaging comes back. I believe I see two questions after re-establishing the phone, I think one of them is about messaging, you must answer that properly for it to work.
  15. R2D2

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    I agree, I got mine via a dealer on ebay back in June. I believe the coat was about $100 for version A9. This was the first time I updated the map SD card since I took delivery of my 2014