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  1. IraF

    Trunk opens without key fob

    After going to dealer my car works actually as it should whether decklid is enabled or disabled, no fix needed, just a "NEW KEYFOB" needed under warranty, didn't even know keyfob's are not always programmed correctly. New KeyFob, decklid enabled, new keyfob more then 3ft away, cannot open trunk with doors locked Disabled powerdecklid cannot open trunk if keyfob is more then 3ft away. KeyFob Culprit, no tsb needed. Checked with other keyfob and that too needed replacement, under warranty problem fixed. Still no work needed to be done with car. So it works as it is supposed to as you indicated but did not know about KeyFobs.
  2. IraF

    Trunk opens without key fob

    See Below updated info.
  3. IraF

    Trunk opens without key fob

    After FIXING the PROBLEM as I mentioned above the decklid no longer opens UNLESS I HAVE THE KEYFOB. No Need for me to see dealer. See #15
  4. IraF

    Trunk opens without key fob

    I have had this car since January 2017 and never knew about Trunk unlocking without an FOB and when I go to a mall obviously I put things in the trunk and I am willing to bet some "BAD GUYS" are aware of this fact. Thanks for the info you mentioned previously in one of your posts which obviously got my attention.
  5. IraF

    Trunk opens without key fob

    I am glad that you mentioned this and as they say "One Learns Something New every Day" I have a Lincoln 2017 MKZ and I was able to open the trunk by just pushing the button on top of the trunk, "HOWEVER", there is a way in my car to disable that from happening, by going to vehicle and "Disabling Remote Decklid" which can be found by left hand switch on dashboard, skip 1. 2.System Information 3. Vehicle on/off Remote Decklid-->Off. No FOB on me, I tried opening trunk as you described but couldn't, with key fob on me or by unlocking trunk from car that still works. Pictures shown as perhaps my explanation not clear.
  6. Having reprogrammed the Lincoln 2017 MKZ Hybrid finally Android Auto now shows up on Navigation Screen along with Google Maps and Waze as well as bringing update history up to current status.
  7. Update, I reverted back to EU AU Version 2.2 since going back directly from 18025 to 17109 would not work, once the au version was present I then upgraded to us version sync3 2.3 17109 and android auto appeared on navigation screen and can use Google maps or Waze. No changes were done to phone, indicating build 18025 has a bug. My account still shows 10Feb 2.3 confirmed even though earlier tonight it showed that I was successful in uploading sync3 3.0 build 18025 I even loaded my phone with xml file and uploaded that way, and said it was successful for sync3 3.0 , but still shows 10Feb 2.3, so much for "FORD" So it's the next day, not that I care I am back to sync3 2.3 and got that working again, but I checked my account and it still cannot confirm the sync3 3.0 update and I tried a few times via laptop and it told me that the upload was successful and also tried via cellphone and also told me the upload was successful but neither method was successful as you can see. Don't waste your time going to the dealer to try to get it confirmed, useless.
  8. This is my case and may not be yours but I suspect there is a bug in Sync3 Build 18025. Let me explain in version sync3 2.3 an icon was showing up on my navigation screen as android auto and on my galaxy 9 I had android auto, maps and waze all there and when I connected the phone via usb in the car android auto showed up on the navigation screen. Upgraded today to sync3 build 18025 and nothing changed on my phone but now I am minus android auto on the navigation screen. repaired phone purposely, useless, took landline to phone and also galaxy 9 and first thing they had me do is go to settings and check for android auto setting on the navigation screen, ain't there suggestion go to dealer, HA,HA, HA Luckily I kept the sync3 2.x versions and backtrack. More laughs I tried uploading for fun the xml file from today and it confirms the update was successful , however when one goes back to software updates I still see 2.3
  9. How to confirm that I updated to sync3 2.3, after receiving an email from ford that I need to confirm the sync3 2.3. Trying it on the computer with an email did not work and even ford said that it was useless and I needed to leave the WiFi on at night with car off and the signal would be picked up in a 5 to 10 minute window. Doesn't Work. Better way is assuming you have the email from ford about confirming the sync3 2.3 on your phone as well , just transfer the *.xml file from computer to cellphone and select from phone the *xml file using file explorer and the proof is File explorer or whatever file explorer you have on your phone should do the job.
  10. Here is "WHAT" Lincoln told me as to confirm that you have updated to Sync3 2.3 Trying to confirm Sync3 2.3 while car is running and connected to WiFi will accomplish nothing. Receiving an Email from Ford/Lincoln asking one to confirm that sync history is up to date and trying the *.xml file on the computer is useless. Make sure automatic updates is turned on and you are connected to WiFi either with your internet connection or as in my case using an "WiFi Range Extender" TURN CAR OFF and supposedly the Sync history will be updated over the air. How Long????? Please note: This is what Ford/Lincoln told me.
  11. To put it very simply I have a 2017 MKZ Hybrid which at one time was working with Android Auto google Maps and Waze) when my Galaxy Note 8 was connected and this showed up on the Navigation Screen However when the system was updated to Sync3 3.0 Build 17276, android Auto and Waze no longer worked on the screen and in fact the people at Lincoln told me there was a bug that prevented this from working. Perhaps in your vehicle it does work. So how did I convert back to Sync3 2.3 I d/l the Australian Version of sync3 2.2 and changed autoinstall.lst to autoinstall.txt for editing purposes and then changed back to autoinstall.lst. When system was finished updating I checked to see if androidauto(Google Maps and Waze) was working on the navigation screen when my phone was connected, and sure enough it was. Next step was to upgrade fro EU 2.2 to 2.3 US I d/l sync3 2.3 from ford and edited autoinstall.lst to autoinstall.txt and back to *.lst Again checked navigation screen with phone connected via usb and google maps and waze appeared on navigation screen You will also notice that a Sync.xml file showed up so I need to confirm to ford that I updated to sync3 2.3. I did lose Album Art Cover which I had in Sync3 3.0, however that was a known fact a long time ago with regards to Sync3 2.0,2.2 and 2.3, but a least Android Auto(Google Maps and Waze) works on the navigation screen, but I never had mp3's on a thumb drive to begin with. autoinstall.txt autoinstall.txt
  12. IraF

    Map Update

    I owned the Lincoln MKZ 2014 and up until Nov 2016 there was a map update on SD cards having gone thru A5, A6, A7, A8, so I really couldn't complain about keeping up with navigation updates, but this is a joke with regards to sync3. I do have a Garmin with lifetime map updates and I agree with you since I have a link on sysnc3 with my Samsung so yes I do keep up via another way, but one shouldn't have to go thru hoops to get navigation.
  13. IraF

    Map Update

    It's simple I Spoke to a Lincoln representative about mapupdates,. Mine has version 1 15 and put very simply, they haven't got a clue when update(s) will be available. Company is HERE that supposedly does navigation. do a google search and you end up in a familiar place. Ford ends at 2016. It's amazing that Ford, Lincoln pushed map updates on SD cards for 2016 and earlier. A5, A6, A7, A8 and told you that new roads, new places appear and one needs to keep up with navigation. I purchased my 2017 MKZ hybrid back in Nov 2016 and the map update has not happened nor does it seem that it is going to happen in the near future. To give you an example I visited the "ARK ENCOUNTER" in KY coming from the south on I75 and knew from "GOOGLE and GARMIN", that I should get off at exit 154 and turn left and go 1 mile and there was the Ark encounter. Navigation system on Lincoln couldn't even find 1 Ark Encounter Dr much less the Ark Encounter, although it did find "Williamstown KY" Not a very good selling point for the navigation system for Ford/Lincoln. Here's a site , but totally useless. Why is it even there? mapupdate.txt
  14. Is it possible that the map update was included in this update, to me it seems likely. Tried reporting update sync 3 version 3 via WiFi, didn't work. What is messed up is the Lincoln account for people who have registered their mkz's Still reporting latest version is sync3 2.3 which is non existent and yes they are fully aware of this glitch. At least a month for this glitch. Still reporting activate your vehicle health report for mkz's with sync3 and yes they are fully aware of this. This issue has been ongoing for a few months now.
  15. Could be, "BUT WHEN is the question" The WiFi never updated Sync3 2.0 to 2.2, had to obtain that file from ford focus forum.