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  1. JoeBrown

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    I just received notice that there is a new navigation map available for my 2014 MKz. The SD media card is labeled A10. The price is $149.00 with free shipping.
  2. JoeBrown

    12V battery life

    I agree. On my 2014 (non-Hybrid) the battery failed after four years.
  3. JoeBrown


    Oh well, that forum has been hung up for a good period of time now.๐Ÿ˜ž
  4. JoeBrown

    What's The Difference?

    I went to the NHTSA site and ran the VIN on my 2014 MKz 3.7L AWD and It shows no recalls. That should mean that I'm in the clear right?
  5. The battery "died" today in my 2014 MKz. I bought the car new and had it for 4 years 9 months. It appears that four year is the life span. To say that everything goes nuts when the battery is going is a understatement.
  6. JoeBrown


    The original name was Lincoln LS Owners Club.
  7. JoeBrown


    As of this time the LLSOC Forum is back up and running.
  8. JoeBrown


    I have not been able to log onto the LLSOC site for a couple of days. Has it gone to the "Happy Hunting Grounds"?
  9. My car is a 2014 MkZ, AWD 3.7L V6. Low mileage.
  10. This is the final resolution to my problem with vibration at 45-55 mph. A few times I had thought they had corrected the problem. However, after a few days it became clear that it was still there. I had made two additional visits to my dealer after my last update here. Eventually the dealer had to contact the Lincoln Mother Company for technical assistance. They had my car for about a month in that mode. During that period they changed additional parts without success. Finally they told me they needed another part. This part was on back order. I picked up my car with the promise they would let me know when the part came in. After almost month the part was received. I brought my car in and they had it for three days. When I picked up the car the problem was actually fixed. I waited about two weeks before I posted this message. The final part that really fixed it was: Part No - CV6Z-4A232-A Clutch Repair Kit
  11. I know that a warning is issued when the batteries are low. Can anyone tell me how long the key fob batteries lasts?
  12. I also received this "notice" in the mail. One link seemed to say that I was eligible. However, when I ran my VIN on the NHTSA site there are no recalls open.
  13. I always have the dealer change them when they do my annual state inspection. I do the same thing for the cabin filter.
  14. JoeBrown

    Lost HD Radio

    I had other work being done and car was there for 2 days. When I asked them about the HD Radio they said it was working fine. Now, I know it wasn't working a few weeks before I took it in and, when I dropped it off. Bottom line it was working fine. Hey, a Miracle happened. ๐Ÿ˜‚ So this case is closed. BTW They changed all my lug nuts for free. I have the premium care extended warranty.
  15. JoeBrown

    Lincoln MKZ Forum Upgraded: 18 June 18

    I see you have upgraded the password security. My browser (Firefox) has now stopped complaining. Kudos!