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  1. I always have the dealer change them when they do my annual state inspection. I do the same thing for the cabin filter.
  2. JoeBrown

    Lost HD Radio

    I had other work being done and car was there for 2 days. When I asked them about the HD Radio they said it was working fine. Now, I know it wasn't working a few weeks before I took it in and, when I dropped it off. Bottom line it was working fine. Hey, a Miracle happened. 😂 So this case is closed. BTW They changed all my lug nuts for free. I have the premium care extended warranty.
  3. JoeBrown

    Lincoln MKZ Forum Upgraded: 18 June 18

    I see you have upgraded the password security. My browser (Firefox) has now stopped complaining. Kudos!
  4. JoeBrown

    Lost HD Radio

    I dropped my car at the dealer's this morning will advise the solution.
  5. JoeBrown

    Lincoln MKZ Forum Upgraded: 18 June 18

    Although I still have to learn the finer features, I like what I see.
  6. JoeBrown

    New to the MKZ community

    I really like the color. :wub:
  7. JoeBrown

    Lost HD Radio

    HD-1 is the regular frequency 102.7. HD-2, HD-3 is a slightly different frequency. It's apparently only recognizing the regular frequency and not the offsets. Since the APIM does control this issue that's where the problem is. Now I know why they extended the warranty on the APIM. ;) Will be checking with the dealer soon.
  8. JoeBrown

    Lost HD Radio

    The switch for HD is illuminated. I was driving along and the station (WNEW 102.7-HD2) just disappeared. When I try to connect I get "station not available". The station is on the air I can get it in the house. I did a scan for HD stations and none were found. The regular (HD-1) station is fine. Other than this problem the Sync system seems to be working just fine.
  9. JoeBrown

    Lost HD Radio

    The other day while driving and listening to HD radio the station "went away". Just figured it was my location. Later determined that Sync was no longer recognizing HD Radio stations. I do know that there is an extended warranty on the APIM and I will take it to the dealer. Is this the type of problem I would experience if there was a problem with the APIM?
  10. JoeBrown

    Adding nav to sync 2 using forscan

    FWIW trying to "retrofit" technology is always going to be problematic.
  11. I've never had this happen on my 2014. The weather seems to have no effect on my Z.
  12. FWIW I got my official recall notice on my 2014 MKz today. (5-4-18)
  13. North America is a continent. Mexico is geographically located in that continent.
  14. JoeBrown

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    There is no actual installation. The card, which I say again, contains the maps, must be inserted in order to use Navigation.
  15. JoeBrown

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    Yes, the A8 SD card would give you the latest maps.