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  1. John P

    Replacement Tires

    Looking for recommendation for Michelin tires to replace the OE tires on my 2010 MKZ with the standard 17" setup. Thanks.
  2. John P

    Extended warranty

    I assume your 2014 MKZ is covered by the bumper to bumper warranty. i purchased the Ford "ESP" Premium coverage, which nearly mirrors the original factory warranty, which, by the way saved me $1,700 on my recent electrical problem diagnosis and repair.
  3. John P

    Car in teh shop

    Problem found! The audio "module" was turning itself on and draining the battery overnight. New one on backorder, with no delivery date promised. Could this be a problem with other MK-Z's? Driving without the display and stereo.
  4. John P

    Extended warranty

    I bought mine yesterday from Mike Potts, the owner of Warrick Ford in Covington, Indiana. Price not quite the absolute lowest, but very competitive. I like dealing with the owner of the dealership.
  5. John P

    Extended warranty

    Thanks - Flood's pricing looks pretty good.
  6. John P

    Car in teh shop

    We love our 2010 MKZ! Dealer looking for a ground that is discharging the batter. Hopefully warrantly will cover.
  7. Where is the best place to purchase an extended warrantly for my 2010? My local dealer is too high priced!
  8. John P

    New Battery

    Was the insulation blanket original equipment?